Is it just me or do the use curse words way too much? Like seriously they need to dial that back, I couldn’t even finish Doom Patrol because they do it so much


To me they are just words. Same as any other.

The word “f—k” has been in use in English for 500 years. It dates from the early 16th century. From: The Oxford English Dictionary
“used alone or as a noun or verb in various phrases to express annoyance contempt or impatience”

So I don’t even see it as a curse word. I’m not sure why others do. As the famous orator and lawyer Clarance Darrow once remarked, “Language is a poor enough means of communication as it is, besides there are damn few words that everybody understands.”

I came from a military family, curse words were commonplace. I quite vividly recall my mother literally cursing out my principal because he had call her from work to suspended me for defending myself in a playground fight.

I guess it’s all relative to what one is used to.

Many shows (and not just DCU Originals) are limited in the number of curse words they are allowed to use per episode. There is an upcoming HQ animated series episode that has 22 instances of the f-word. That’s an average of one per minute. They have since been put on a limit of how many per episisofe they are allowed to use.

Out of curiosity, why do you think there are to many? How many is to many?


Doesn’t bother me at all, and on Doom Patrol I think it’s the only rational response to some of the stuff that happens.


Who cares


Believe it or not, that’s how ordinary people talk. People use four letter words for a reason: they’re short, concise and they easily get the point across.


I dont understand the problem.

I heard them in elementary school and I went to Catholic School. They lost there power 50 years ago.

I would understand if there were religious curses but these are just words.


They are quite vulgar, and I hate the very use of them. I was raised in a house where the very use of such words would get you grounded. I don’t use them, I don’t particularly care if others use them. But some words do have meaning. The F-word may have meant something different 500 years ago, but we all know what it means now. It is vulgar that that word has become so commonplace. There is a reason that that would is not used in family friendly movies. It means something far worse than annoyed and kids shouldn’t ever have to hear it.
Do I care if it is in DP? No. I don’t care. I knew Doom Patrol was going to be mature, I knew that all of their tv shows were going to be. But I really hope DCU starts making some family friendly stuff, because I am seriously getting tired of hearing those words in everything.


I’m no fan of cursing in entertainment and real life but I gotta be honest here, it’s an HBO show. Their channel, their rules and I’ve always assumed all their programs were a blender of nonstop cursing, provocation, nudity, and pretentiousness.


DG is right on that account. It is their choice. Would be nice if we could get a few shows with minimal swearing though.

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Freedom of speech is everyone’s right with out a question but there is also we have the right to find happiness and hearing those words does not make me happy how about you

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If Rita and Larry were dropping f bombs every other word, that’d be gratuitous, but it feels natural to me for Cliff and Jane.


It’s a mature R-rated or TV-MA show. I get that not everyone enjoys vulgar language in their programs, but this was written for mature audiences.


On Doom Patrol I think it makes sense. I mean, if you saw a donkey puke up a small town, then what would YOU say? It seems a little excessive at times on Titans, and it can definitely be used as a crutch when writing. With comedy, especially, dropping the “F” word whenever can be used for cheap shock value laughs, and when overused is pretty lazy. I remember hearing an interview (or maybe reading) with one of the cast members of Veep, and they said that in order understand what presidential aides and senators and other politicians were like, they shadowed a few volunteers for a time. They learned, however, that they swore TOO much, and had to cut it down significantly for the actual show so that it didn’t seem over the top. Now keep in mind that a thirty minute long episode of Veep usually had twice as many curses as and hour long Titans or Doom Patrol episode. So while it’s definitely realistic, that doesn’t mean it helps the writing. Personally, however, I don’t see much of a problem with how Titans and Doom Patrol are written.


To be fair, the 1st amendment protects the right to offend, not the right to keep from being offended. But, United States Supreme Court rulings aside.

I terms of live-action, I believe Stargirl will likely be TV-14, just CWVERSE shows are. It likely fits with the character better.

As for Titans,they have mostly confined it to characters (Greyson, Jason, Hawk, Starfire) Raven, Gar, Donna, and Dove, dint curse much.

I think finally having a platform where they could do a superhero show and curse, they got a bit thick in it. It’s the “we never get to do this so now that we do let’s binge on it.”

I think as the novelty wears off for some of the writers it’ll be reduced.

WARNING: if you don’t like cursing, stay away from the upcoming HQ animated series. It’s gonna have plenty of “foul language”.

If someone does feel strongly about the use of curse words, I’d suggest posting something in the Feedback section. It’s as, if not more likely, to make it up the food chain there than General.


It should be spared for intense moments, otherwise after awhile it can just get annoying or lose it’s power. If you live in a conservative house, this will turn you and family off to DC so maybe there will be a censoring option added sometime in the future but make no mistake, this isn’t just an issue for children.


Someone: I’d like more diversity in my entertainment

Others: Great! or Whatever or At least don’t ruin the property or (a few responses) no

Someone: I’d like less cursing in my entertainment

Others: OMG that’s just how people talk! Artistic license! Get over it!


Yep. It’s nothing new, it’s always the same among communities unfortunately. This goes for the same in any argument really, whether it’s race, gender, etc.


Read comics and you will see plenty of “cursing”. Now since the comics are not MA/R, the cursing is typed as “#%*$”. So I guess we could compromise and make them do like the comic books where they say “What the pound sign percent sign asterisk dollar sign!”


I don’t think that was the OP’a point. I think what they meant is that it’s not too realistic and if you want to watch that certain show say at work during a lunch break, then you’re not able to. I don’t see anything wrong with an optional censorship option which nobody complains about when airing shows on tv. Instead of replacing a curse word with verbal dollar signs and emojis, you can just do you know, what they’ve been doing for years and have a simple “beep” or silence it out.


There are plenty of was to use language and be a lot more “vulgar” using non-curse words. Is it really the words? Let’s say they used “fackle” rather the classic f-word, would it really matter? They make up a word and use it in place of a curse word. Would that be as objectionable?

I don’t give a fackle if people curse. I understand others do. The shows are clearly labeled with a fackleing rating.

If someone chooses to watch something rated-X, should they be offended if they see graphic demonstrations of two or more people fackleing?

Yes, there is freedom of speech to create things some people find objectionable or take offense to. It is it worth pointing out that they are choosing to watch a program with a particular rating.

Yes, they are entitled to the view that it’s wrong, disrespectful ,gross, unnecessary, etc. They can clearly make their opinion heard Others are equally free to make their voices heard.

Some people find cursing offensive. Others may not care about language but the explicitness and/or gender of romantic relationships the age ale issue with. Others may find the use of violence or gore just as objectionable as the others find language and/or sex.

What would have creators do?

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