Current Wonder Woman Series Discussion Thread

I really liked this issue a lot. I picked up 8 but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.


After a brief break last issue, we return to the main story with issue 8

The entire story is about Diana being forced into a sort of fantasy world, the style based on the 50s, where she is verbally and emotionally pushed to be submissive to The Sovereign. The Lasso of Lies is being utilized to its fullest, and the comic suggests that it’s of Amazonian origin. Probably will be explored in future issues. But for now, we watch and desperately hope that Diana finds a way to break through the lies of The Sovereign’s philosophy regarding women and their role in the world.

I did notice a couple of things here. The bad guy talks a little about a puppy his family once had back when he was a kid. He talks about how their treatment of her, of how they would reward the dog whenever she obeyed orders and such, is the model for how women should be conducting their lives. The purpose of this short speech is to show how little The Sovereign and real-life people who think like him view women as less than them. But the other thing I noticed about this issue is what it says about religion. The Sovereign quotes a lot of Bible verses as he uses the Lasso of Lies to keep trying to break Wonder Woman, passages revolving around the behavior of women. As he quotes them to her in the real world, they work their way into her mind and get repeated mentally as she continues living through the fantasy world created by the Lasso. Regarding why religion is being brought in now, check out these narration boxes.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 6.20.24 PM

Screenshot 2024-05-14 6.20.40 PM

There is a lot that can be interpreted from this. And it can also be applied to how real-life groups right now are using similar methods to try and pursue their own agenda in the political & social arena.

With the way the issue ends, I’m starting to think this whole Sovereign plotline is about to get wrapped up soon. Here’s to seeing what happens next.


I feel it was more multiple decades 90 years go by. Interestingly, Wonder Woman is 82 years old. I feel like this somewhat encapsulates the women’s rights movement starting in 1942 and the first-wave feminism, Diana Throws the Vacuum Out the Window, in about 1970…ms magazine featured the Golden Age Wonder Woman for president in 1971 and the rise of second-wave feminism. vacuum is out of the House in the '80s, and also the reboot that is Periz run on her In the 90s’s, Diana was more of a sex symbol. She is asleep but introduces Cassie Sandmark (who appears with the other 3 on the next page). Diana yells at Steeve in the 2000… 2010…Diana’s really lowest point, most of it being New 52. Her mother shows up in what I would call 2017…and the Rise of Me Too. ending in 2024 with Diana free and back to her old Boss Self.


Just read it. Like all of the analysis. Interesting takes on the material.

I am really into this series. Hoping to get Tom King to sign my issue #1 at a con. He might be at Fan Con in Boston next month. Crossing my fingers he hasn’t cancelled.