Curious about how (or if) DC measures our consumption

Does DC monitor or measure DC Universe users’ engagement and consumption?

Does DC care, for example, whether I read an issue of a comic on their app versus the paper copy my friend bought and has loaned me?

If I read an issue of a comic, do those creators get any kind of royalty (or if enough of DC Universe readers read that comic, do the creators get any kind of royalty)? Or does our readership help DC make future hiring decisions based on which creators are popular on the app?

Does DC make any character decisions based on DC Universe readers’ habits? Do they say, for example, “DC Universe readers LOVE Green Lantern. Maybe we need another ongoing Green Lantern book! Maybe we should digitize more Green Lantern books not currently digitized” or even “We tried digitizing _____, but nobody read what we digitized, so we stopped”?

I’m curious if this kind of question has been answered before. I know I’d be curious about Nielsen ratings, so to speak, for the digital books in this service, and I know that I want my own reading habits to “count” toward something for someone.

Thanks for entertaining my curiosity, if anyone can.


Hey Kal-L!

Great questions all around. The very simple answer is that yes–all of those habits, patterns, and reading behavior does impact what decisions are made, and they are tracked across time. That being said, there are many other contributing factors to all the business decisions you mentioned, so it’s a lot more complicated than only considering one or two of them. Of course, I can’t share details regarding what factors influence which decisions, and how all those processes unfold, but to answer your initial question–engagement/readership is definitely monitored and taken into conisderation.

Hope that helps at least a bit!