Cross-overs you like to see

With all the cross-overs that have happened in comic books such as… Green Lantern/ Star Trek , Archie/ Harley Quinn , and Batman/ Teenage mutant Ninja turtles…What cross-over would you like to see.

I my self would love to see a Batman / Dick Tracy cross-over. They even do it with the 89’ Batman from the movies as well as Dick Tracy from the movies.


A Keaton Batman and Beatty Tracy crossover could be fun in a way.

KB and BT are in the Batcave, waiting for the Batcomputer to compile results on something

KB: “So…my movie made alot of money, Danny Elfman did the music and it sold and continues to sell alot of movie based toys and collectibles. It got three sequels too.”

BT grits his teeth and says: “Well, Elfman did the music for my movie.”

Seriously though, I’d go for a Lobo and Jughead one-shot I guess. I usually despise company crossovers but I will admit I did enjoy the first two issues of the first GL/ST mini. Was kind of tempted to read the LOSH/ST mini but passed.


This is totally just the first thing that came to mind, but someone of our heroes in the Matrix… Idk who… hmm?


Great profile name btw… lol!


Lol thanks Jim…and Vroom I would totally pick up a Jughead/Lobo as that would be so funny to read.


Probably Dirk Gently/Batman crossover. The most confusing british + batman is confused. Maybe Danny Phantom/Deadman. Shazam/Percy Jackson. Dr. Who/Booster Gold. MacGyver/Human Target 2010.

Jughead goes to take a bite of a hamburger and Lobo smacks him, hard, upside the head

Lobo: “What’s your deal Clyde? Do you just keep constantly shoveling that stuff in your face?”

Jughead nods, Lobo slaps him again

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Green Arrow/Daredevil
Green Lantern/Nova
Black Panther/ Cyborg
Bullseye/Red Hood
XO Manowar/Thor
Black Panther/Nightwing
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)/Supergirl
Dr. Fate/Shadowman

Harley and Ivy x Super Mario

Teen Titans and Xmen
Or Catwoman and Black Cat

A Jason Todd and Harley quinn team up / Romance


I would love a JSA & Hong Kong Phooey crossover.