Critical must reads?

What do you think are “STOP!!! DON’T TURN ANOTHER PAGE UNTIL YOUR YOU’VE READ…” Story arcs?


All star Superman, Batman HUSH, court of owls, dark knights metal, the flash rebirth, injustice, heros in crisis, Kingdome come, the dark knights returns, death of the family, death in the family, red hood and the outlaws zero issue, all the knightfall series (bane). That’ll get you started.


Are you reading heroes in crisis issues by issue?

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Blackest Night or anything related to Johns’ Green Lantern. The man did wonderful things with that mythos.

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Dark Knights Metal, Doomsday Clock, Watchmen, Batman Europa, Batman Hush, Superman Red Son, Batman in Blackest Knight, Gotham by Gaslight, Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke, Detective Comics Rebirth. My personal list.

Identity Crisis

Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Red Son, Infinite Crisis, The Dark Knight Returns, Death IN the Family, Man of Steel (John, Byrne), Waid’s Flash run, Satellite Era Justice League of America, Len Wein’s Phantom Stranger, Starman (Robinson’s), The New Teen Titans, The Great Darkness Saga, All of Kirby’s original Fourth World books, and of course the ultimate comic book masterpiece–Batman: Year One!

Compare these lists with is on the app. Hush and Batman Year One are supposed to be on the app in a couple of weeks.

A lot of these must reads assume a level of sophiscation and maturity, so that you can get pass the violence. Also a basic knowledge of the character is assumed. This can be optained from issues that describe ‘Year One’ with the character, early issues of the character, or origin story Graphic Novel. The last type may not be cannon.

After the library is full, in March or April, look at Comixology Unlimited, where you can ‘borrow’ many of these titles for 5.99 a month, first month may be free.

Vertigo here may be limited for quite some time, as the library will concentrate on the superheroes first. Comixology Unlimited currently has much more Vertigo.

There are many DC Graphic Novels that are big money makers for the publisher.
There may be unavailable for a long time, or will be here only for a two week stay.
That includes Killing Joke, Watchmen and Dark Night Return. Some members use a service that requires a library card to get books. Even a small Graphic Library would have these three titles.

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All of the Kevin Smith run of Green Arrow. Such a good story as loved how Olie had no soul and had to go to heaven to talk his soul into coming back. Just about every body shows up from Batman, Aquaman, Black Manta, and so many more.