Crisis On Infinite Earths: Theatrical Release?

After that Epic 3-Night Crossover, we got a huge cliffhanger that sets up next year’s Crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”!

Since this will more than likely be the BIGGEST crossover ever…what are the chances that this movie gets a Limited Theatrical Release in movie theaters! I’ve heard reports that DC comics has been interested in that idea if there is enough interest.



Absolutly Zero percent change. I would like to see it happen, but I know it won’t.

Chance, not change…

I’d see it. Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have had limited theatrical releases of select episodes, so there is precedent for something like that.


A problem would be length. Even subtracting commercials out four series would approach 3 hours. Movies that length screw up theater scheduling. Sure they could edit it down adding cost for something everyone can see unedited for free.

It ain’t happening

I would be concerned at this juncture. If they are considering an epic story like flashpoint to reboot the universe, especially via wonder woman who isn’t flash; then, I don’t want them to use Crisis stories.

However, it is a dream of mine, once they have mastered their IP that they would work up to things like the Crisis stories and the multiverse, even Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come. But, they have not shown they can use their IP correctly.

A crossover of like three shows doesn’t seem that crisis like to me tbh. I’ve always thought infinite crisis was the only one that could be adapted well.

A three hour runtime isn’t as unusual these days as it used to be. BvS was close to that and so were both the first Avengers and Infinity War. Plus I could see this as a one show deal like those operas and concerts Fathom Events is always pushing, usually on off days when theaters aren’t packed.

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