CRISIS 2020. Any info yet?

Has DC even officially announced it yet? Just curious.

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Has it been confirmed that there will be another crisis level event in 2020?

I know Snyder and Capullo said that DC wanted to call Dark Nights Metal a crisis event, like calling it Dark Nights Crisis and its even referred to as a crisis level event within the story, but Snyder/Capullo really wanted to call it Metal.


Right not it’s still just a strong rumor. But it’s looking true, thats why I’m asking.

When Final Crisis came out 11yrs I don’t think one of really took the “Final” part seriously.

An no. Heros In Crisis doesnt count… Oh it doesnt count in so many ways!


I doubt there’d be anything concretely announced until Year of the Villain has ended.


@Vroom normally I’d agree but with the continuous overlap of major events, I’m not so sure anymore.

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What we do know is that the villains win Justice-Doom war (according to year of the villain#1) and that will result in another event most likely Crisis 2020

Crisis 2020: The event that says “'Member Crisis on Infinite Earths? It’s 35 years young now!”

yoinks another bushel of MBs So good.

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Comment redacted to avoid setting off the swear filters.

Snyder will be the main guy. But King & Bendis will have their hands in to too.

And don’t forget Didio.

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@LeonardoMyst “Thank you sooooo much” for reminding me.

But you’re absolutely right.

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