Creating Timelines for DC Characters

Justice League Timeline
3 ABM: Origin/Year One
4-6 ABM: Silver Age Stories
7 ABM: Multiverse Crisis Era
8-9 ABM: Bronze Age Stories
10 ABM: Crisis on Infinite Earths
11 ABM: Detroit Era
12 ABM: Justice League International
13 ABM: Justice League Europe
14 ABM: Justice League Task Force, Extreme Justice
15 ABM: JLA, Tower of Bable, Earth 2 GN
16 ABM: JLA, Identity Crisis, World Without a Justice League (not the Dark Crisis one)
17 ABM: Infinite Crisis
18 ABM: Tornados Path, Lightning Saga, Injustice League
19 ABM: Final Crisis, Sanctuary, Second Coming
20 ABM: Blackest Night Saga, Worlds Collide
21 ABM: Team History, Dark Things, Brightest Day, Omega
22 ABM: Rise of Eclipso, Flashpoint
23 ABM: Villains Journey, Throne of Atlantis, Other New 52 Stories
24 ABM: New 52 Stories
25 ABM: Darkseid War
40 ABM: Kingdom Come

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