Creating Timelines for DC Characters

This thread is for creating timelines for characters in DC Comics. These timelines will overlap and form one DC Universe master timeline. These can also act as reading orders for people who don’t know where to start.

I contacted the mods to make sure this was acceptable within the community guidelines. They said that it would be fine as long as we only use pre-existing stories. Please follow this rule and feel free to post any timelines you have.

We will start with a Batman Timeline, and you can use that and any other appropriate timelines to form yours. If you notice anything wrong with any of these timelines, Please contact me and let me know how to fix it.

Batman Timeline: Creating Timelines for DC Characters - #2 by CKComics
Nightwing Timeline: Creating Timelines for DC Characters - #17 by CKComics
Harley Quinn Timeline: Creating Timelines for DC Characters - #33 by CKComics
Green Lantern Timelines


Hal Jordan Timeline: Creating Timelines for DC Characters - #63 by CKComics
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Batman Timeline
0 BBM: Batman Year One, Dark Moon Saga, Man Who Laughs
1 ABM: Long Halloween
2 ABM: Dark Victory
3-6 ABM: Silver Age Stories
7 ABM: Batman and the Outsiders
8 ABM: 70s Stories
9 ABM: Second Chances
10 ABM Jason Todd Stories
11 ABM: Jason Todd Stories, The Cult
12 ABM: D**** in the Family, K****** Joke
13 ABM: Lonely Place of D****, Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth
14 ABM: Knightfall Saga, Contagion, Road to No Mans Land
15 ABM: No Mans Land
16 ABM: Bruce Wayne M*******/ Fugitive, Hush, Under the Hood
17 ABM: 52, Batman and Son
18 ABM: One Year Later, R.I.P
19 ABM: Final Crisis, Battle for the Cowl
20-21 ABM: Dick Grayson Batman Stories
22 ABM: Return of Bruce Wayne, Black Mirror
23 ABM: Court of Owls, City of Owls, D**** of the Family
24 ABM: Graveyard Shift, Endgame, Superheavy, Bloom
25 ABM: Epilogue
30 ABM: Dark Knight Returns
33 ABM: Dark Knight Strikes Again
36 ABM: Dark Knight Master Race
40 ABM: Kingdom Come


My golden age justice society timeline is simply: golden age justice society was before the silver age justice league by a few years. I put golden age superman, batman and wonder woman in the golden age justice society and these characters are currently about 40 years old, so the golden age justice society was about 20 years ago. During the bronze age, superman was about 30 years old but since superman has been allowed to have a wife and kids, my guess is superman is now about 40 years old. Not sure if there is a need to make current batman about 50 years old or maybe let him be about 40 years old similar to current superman.


I have a sort of timeline for the golden age. I just need to polish it.

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Golden age timeline
Flash (1940-1951)
Green Lantern (1940-1951)
Wonder Woman?
Wildcat (1942-1949)
Doctor Fate (1940-1944)
Starman (1941-1944)
Doctor Midnite (1941-1951)
Atom (1940-1951)
Hawkman (1940-1951)
Hawkgirl (1940-1951)
Spectre (1940-1945)
Sandman (1939-1942)
Johnny Thunder (1941-1948)
Hourman (1940-1943)
Mister Terrific (1942-1951)
Black Canary (1947-1951)


I see you have included “Return of Bruce Wayne”. So we’re not placing Bruce Waynes time skips from historic times, 16th century, 18th century, 19th century, etc? You’re just tracking the story from which it originates?


I seem to remember johnny thunder and terry sloane were not active in the 1951 justice society.


what does BBM and ABM mean ?

an props for attempting to create a timeline, reading orders are a mess, especially if something has a tie-in or a to be continued in…

also I didn’t realize cannon reading from just random stories, such as Action Comics Superman vs just Superman, I had those two confused and an employee at my LCS clued me in on that.

it is a deep rabbit hole. one which DC shakes up now and then with Infinite crisis , Dark Crisis, ( how many crises have there been so far ?), but tis fun! Death Metal ! ( is Death Metal, Cannon ? I got no clue if it is, I think it should be if it isn’t)


Justice League Timeline
3 ABM: Origin/Year One
4-6 ABM: Silver Age Stories
7 ABM: Multiverse Crisis Era
8-9 ABM: Bronze Age Stories
10 ABM: Crisis on Infinite Earths
11 ABM: Detroit Era
12 ABM: Justice League International
13 ABM: Justice League Europe
14 ABM: Justice League Task Force, Extreme Justice
15 ABM: JLA, Tower of Bable, Earth 2 GN
16 ABM: JLA, Identity Crisis, World Without a Justice League (not the Dark Crisis one)
17 ABM: Infinite Crisis
18 ABM: Tornados Path, Lightning Saga, Injustice League
19 ABM: Final Crisis, Sanctuary, Second Coming
20 ABM: Blackest Night Saga, Worlds Collide
21 ABM: Team History, Dark Things, Brightest Day, Omega
22 ABM: Rise of Eclipso, Flashpoint
23 ABM: Villains Journey, Throne of Atlantis, Other New 52 Stories
24 ABM: New 52 Stories
25 ABM: Darkseid War
40 ABM: Kingdom Come

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Sorry it has taken so long to answer some of these questions, I had a draft I did not want to lose.

Yes, that is right.

Thanks for your feedback I will look into that.

Before Batman, After Batman

Thank you, I will need help. That is the reason for this thread, any advice or correction (if said respectfully) will be appreciated.

I believe it is but it is so hard to keep track of all that sometimes.


Looks like you are right about Johnny. I will change that. Thanks. This came from a Wikipedia article (so if someone has a credible source that refutes this one let me know) about Mister Terrific

Mister Terrific became a reserve member of the Justice Society of America, taking part in two of their chronicled 1940s adventures. He also was a full-fledged member of the All-Star Squadron and assisted both teams on several more occasions throughout the remaining decade, retiring along with his peers in 1951.

Hope that helps and thanks again about Johnny.


wikipedia is sometimes wrong. The 1951 justice society had 7 members: wonder woman, jay garrick, alan scott, hawkman, al pratt, dr mid-nite, black canary. The inactive justice society members maybe can be interpreted as reserve members up to 1951, which explains the wording from wikipedia about these inactive justice society members who were not in the 1951 justice society.


That is a golden age timeline not a JSA timeline. Although they would be very similar.


In comics publication history, the 1951 all star comics (justice society title) was the last place to see some of these golden age heroes who no longer had solo features. There are plenty of flashback stories to the golden age altho can be hard to tell in what years these take place.


Right, I still need to make reading orders for all the characters. If you like you can do it.


internet already has many sites dedicated to the golden age justice society with reading orders.


Nightwing Timeline
2 ABM: Dark Victory, Robin Year One
3-6 ABM: Silver Age Stories
7 ABM: Teen Titans
8 ABM: 70s Stories, Teen Titans
9 ABM: Second Chances
10 ABM: New Teen Titans
11 ABM: New Teen Titans, Nightwing Year One, Lost Year
12-13 ABM: New Teen Titans
14 ABM: Prodigal, Bludhaven
15 ABM: No Mans Land, Hunt for Oracle, Titans
16 ABM: Bruce Wayne M*******, Outsiders, Under the Hood
17 ABM: 52, Batman and Son
18 ABM: 2000s Stories, RIP
19 ABM: Battle for the Cowl
20 ABM: Deathtrap, Batman and Robin
21 ABM: Batman and Robin
22 ABM: Black Mirror, Batman Inc
23 ABM: New 52 vol. 1-3, Batman Inc
24 ABM: New 52 vol. 4-5, Grayson 1-3
25 ABM: Batman and Robin Eternal, Robin War, Grayson 4-5

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@Cradle2theGabe @Corpsmember.78 @colonyofcells_iamamachine

What timelines/reading orders would you guys like to see? I’m done with the ones I already had and need more to do.

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How about a crisis timeline? All the hard/soft resets in the DCU? Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, etc.?


Ill get working on that after I finish my homework.