Countdown To Strange Adventures One!


** Releases March 4th, 2020 by DC Comics Black Label**

"After winning five Eisner Awards and topping year-end “best of lists,” the comic book of 2019 was Mister Miracle. The comic book of 2020 will be Strange Adventures.

The Mister Miracle team of writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads are joined by fan-favorite artist Evan “Doc” Shaner to bring you an epic tale in the tradition of Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and DC: The New Frontier—a story of blood, war, and love that readers will be talking about for years to come.

Adam Strange is the hero of Rann, a man famous throughout the galaxy for his bravery and honor. After leading his adopted home to victory in a great planetary war, Adam and his wife Alanna retire to Earth, where they are greeted by cheers, awards, and parades. But not all is as happy and nice as it seems, as the decisions Adam made during battles on Rann come back to haunt his family and threaten the entire DC Universe. And now a surprise DC hero will have to choose between saving Adam Strange and saving the world.

A story like no other, Strange Adventures is an ambitious, thrilling, shocking, and beautiful 12-issue saga that will push Adam Strange to the breaking point—and beyond!"

Big thanks to @Aristarchus94.72134 for leaving this comment on another post:
“I’m prepping with Mystery in Space, and both Rann-Thanagar War series’ here on DC Library.”

Now we all have some material to get us up to speed!

I look forward to reading this book with you all!

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I feel like this one is going to be a nail biter. I feel like King shines best in limited runs and I’m excited to see the juxtaposition of Gerards art and Shaner art in the same book. This book seems to have a John Carter of Mars vibe to me… -C


Really wanna see what hbo max amd berlanti are gonna do with it.


Whoah. Didn’t know this one was coming. Will be buying the print editions.


Loved ERB and his Barsoom series. And you’re right anything that brings back that old vibe is a good thing in my book.


Heard about this…then nothing. Glad to see it’s coming to print! I’m wondering what he’s going to do with Strange and his dual life - if he’s going the route of “he’s possibly crazy thinking he’s a space adventurer…or not!” or something different.


Oh Adam Strange is 100% John Carter homage. Love them both.


I’m super happy to see how excited you guys are for this book!

I like the premise and I’m excited to read it!

Some time before the 4th I’ll read Mystery in Space, and Rann-Thanagar War series… I’m thinking I’ll post them in the book club as suggested reading to get ready for this book.


John Carter is the brightest star on DC’s horizon at the moment. With Wonder Twins, Martian Manhunter, and Dial H all coming to a close, I desperately need something new. My comic boxes will be no stranger to Adam Strange.

EDIT: 2 days later, I finally noticed that I said “John Carter”. I meant Adam Strange, lol.


Excellent cover! Does the job.

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Super excited for this one

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There’s two mini-series’ of Rann-Thanagar War in the Library

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Kinda reminds me of a Smokey the Bear poster that you would see posted throughout a city, that says “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.”

But the posters of Adam Strange posted throughout Rann declares him “Savior of the Planet,” too which his detractors vandalize said poster with their views of him.

It seems to me this mini-series will attempt to coalesce or rationalize the differing view points about our man Adam.
his first introduction was the Savior of Rann, while Alan Moore wrote him more as a disliked alien brought to the planet as a literal stud to help repopulate the planet, not to mention all of his other iterations.


It’s gonna be contentious for Adam out of the gate, Graffiti speaks volumes.



Adam Strange
Just in case you don’t know the Hero of Rann.
From the Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Season 1: Episode 14, here on the DCU.

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Especially when it comes to comic books! I think this cover says a lot about the citizen’s opinions of Adam. I really like that statement! Graffiti as art especially speaks volumes when communicating through a picture!


As graphic as graphic can get!

Have you been reading Wonder Woman: Dead Earth? Your graffiti theory is proving to be very prophetic.

Must be in the ether! I will have to take a dive to check it out.

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