Could The Punisher Kill The DC Universe?

He’s done it in Marvel (Like 3 damn times) and now, let’s bring it to DC!

Punisher is now in DC and I want to have him kill some people, just like I did with Deadpool in my old Deadpool Kills the DC Universe thread.

Every day, I am gonna post things here and have YOU all vote. Just do yourself a favor: Don’t get attached to ANYONE! DC heroes, villains, and idiots WILL die!!

Side note: Before you dismiss this notion, look at THIS panel from an actual Punisher comic:

Yikes… * Starts counting * I see Ms. Marvel (Danvers), I see Magneto, I see Electro, I see Luke Cage, I see Moon Knight, I see Rogue, I see Red Hulk, I see Gambit, I see the Thing, I see Namor, I see Captain America…


no not in the least everything and everyone would kill him first


Did you not see:

This is from another thing, but here:

I will admit characters like the Anti-Monitor or Perpetua could kill him, because no ■■■■, but I also know he’s not dumb enough to attack them.


he wouldn’t have to the universe would want to fix the wrong of him being there at all so everything and everyone would be after him


If that’s true, then there would be no multiverse stories or teams, like that one version of the JL.


He will try, but then he meets Stargirl. She gives Frank a hug. Immediately Frank sees the error of his ways and becomes a model citizen.


her hugs must be amazing


Too many have tried. Stargirl is more likely to get hit in the head with the butt of a rifle.

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I concur.


Nah, Hitman would take Frank down.

Before he pulls the trigger, Tommy would say “The gig’s taken in this universe, boy-o.”, then do the deed and call it a day.


:notes:Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life had you known? God gave me courage to show you, that you’re not alone.:notes:

Stargirl hug The Punisher which brings him to tears.:sob::slightly_smiling_face: The way @MatthewHecht subscribe the scene makes me think of The Phantom Of The Opera.

Ok, I think the Punisher can probably kill some DC characters, he probably can kill Superman with a Kryptonite bullet if he knew his weakness, I would like to see him vs. Deadshot or KGBeast to see who would win. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, he could not.


Could Punisher kill the DC Universe? Sure. In comics, you can have anyone do anything. Is it exactly “realistic?” Ehhhh…

Regardless, I have absolutely no interest in seeing this. The “[Insert character who uses a lot of guns here] kills the [insert beloved franchise here] universe” stories just don’t appeal to me.

If I were ever going to read a Punisher story again, it would be the story that basically ends him. To be clear, I wouldn’t want to see him killed, but I’d love to see him go through that transformative moment where he realizes just how senseless his behavior is. Frank feels so much pain that his reflex was to start annihilating because that would at least allow him to cast that pain outwards. I’m far more interested in the story where he finally accepts that doing so is empty in that it does nothing to cure his own pain and very little to prevent others from feeling that same pain. Having Frank accept that destroying everything around him will not soothe the agony of his own existence is far more intriguing to me than watching him blow up Superman with a Kryptonite bazooka.


This is totally what would happen the whole reason he’s a vigilante it’s because criminals killed his wife and children, the idea of basically doing the same to Pat would not sit well with him.

There’s plenty of DC characters he could beat but I don’t think he could kill everyone.


That’s his main advantage: in his universe, all the DC characters are fiction, meaning he has a lot of things at his disposal to kill them all (Save for beings like Perpetua).

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I really think Harley could take on Frank and win. I’ll take that to my grave.


Fight 1

Punisher vs Wildcat.

  • Punisher attacks head-on.
  • Punisher resorts to traps.
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Harley’s biggest weakness is she’s too scatterbrained, which leaves her open. Plus, many people have tried to get into Frank’s head via psychology and it never works. He just kills them faster.

Screwing up the universe sounds harder than killing it.


Not really. I could screw up the entire Marvel Universe by walking up to Captain America and saying, “Bucky slept with Peggy while you were on a mission.”