Cool Names

Anyone know any cool made up names like Bronze Tiger, Deathstroke or Deadshot.



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Nightwing is the singular coolest name.

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Vertigo, Zatanna, Killer Frost, Heatwave to name a few

Livewire is pretty cool too

Don’t forget about Volcana. She’s hot (literally).

Creative made up names. That someone haven’t created.

Is there a character named Scimitar?

Name name with the pre fix Dr. is cool
Dr Mid-Nite
Dr Fate

Nightmare Nurse is cool to so maybe any name in the medical profession is



I don’t thing anyone’s created Firdle Bobobodo Zumgum, alias Bick Chonson.

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I am currently working on a one-shot comic for an original character
called Portal-Man (2003).

Here are other heroes I have come up with over the years:

La-Zar (2009): Power to resurrect the recently deceased.

Crimson Crusader (2009): Telepathic abilities: Possession, Illusion.

Electro-chemist (2013): Power to manipulate electricity. Knowledge in electrical and chemical engineering.

Lava-Man (2003): Manipulation of tectonic plates and the ability to withstand Lava.

Thompson Twins(2017): Fraternal Twin Detectives. Telepathic abilities. Probably does not count, due to the band and Tin tin.

Creepy Moostache (2019): A moose with a mustache, top hat and monocle.

Plunger-man (2003): Has a plunger on his head. Uses a stick to fight, That’s it.

Toilet-lad: A boy with the power to manipulate water.

VINTA (2010): A man with a vintage television for a head.

Grimson(Just now): A man with a very grim demeanor. Or perhaps a grim reaper type character who rides in a TESLA that’s invisible!

Here are the joke characters I just came up with:
Night & Stan: They stand for justice. During the night!
Skull & Tore: They tear justice a new one.
Paintedge: A former artist who can only communicate through his work.

How about Deadshock?