Convergence Multiverse Question

Question regarding ending of Convergence: Is the DC multiverse now infinite since the first crisis was averted via Superman, Parallax and others? Does that mean every universe that has ever existed has survived, or only a select few; for example, the Injustice universe that was destroyed in the beginning of the events of Convergence, is it still around? I’m a bit confused by the ending and would love to hear what some of y’all thought about what the current state of the DC comics multiverse is.

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In my headcannon, it all exists.

Between Grant Morrison’s concept of Multiversal Orreries (with each Orrery holding 52 Universes) and Scott Snyder’s ongoing story of an Omniverse made up of Multiverses, I’d say that there’s a constant cycle of Universes and Multiverses going on - cycles where they are born, live and eventually die. Some sink in to the Dark Multiverse, some are consumed by anti-matter or entropy - but depending on your relative perspective on the timelines (say, from a 6th-dimensional standpoint), they all exist/have existed/will exist.

To quote Dr. Manhattan: Nothing Ever Ends.


Personally I subscribe to Mark Waid’s theory of hypertime: it all exists somewhere.

That said Convergence did re-establish an infinite multiverse but when they talk about the regular multiverse (as opposed to the Dark Multiverse) Barry mentions the 52 so who knows?

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