Constantine. Should it return?

Hey DC universe! It’s your friendly neighborhood DC fan here! Now I am a fan of anything comic book related, that includes TV shows, movies, and of course books. Now one show in particular that really caught my attention was Constantine. As much as I love arrow and the flash, and the love hate relationship with legends of tomarrow. One show that had my undying support was Constantine, with one flick of that signature lighter I was hooked. After a season of awesomeness and that ending that had me so ready to watch the next season it was cancelled! I mean I know the cw has the rights now because he is now on legends. But of course that’s not gonna last. Once the magical threat is dealt with he is gone and what then? So I ask you DC universe what do you think sould happen? Renew Constantine either on the cw or on this streaming platform? A justice league dark series? What is your opinion?


I think Constantine in any media would be a great addition to the DC lineup. Honestly tho I would really like him in the new Swamp Thing. Even just for a few episode or if we ever get a season 2 :eyes:. But I think more Constantine on screen is a good idea.


Constantine was doomed from the start on network television It should of been put on AMC. That being said DCU has the perfect place for him and that would on Swamp Thing . After all it was the comic books Swamp Thing that introduced us to the character John Constantine


I would like to see him appear in a new show here on DC Universe.

If not then maybe he could continue to be a roaming character who appears on various DC shows. A cameo appearance on Swamp Thing or Lucifer would be interesting.

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If it leads to matt ryan coming back and hopefully a justice league dark mini series than yes

Exactly what @animalperson said… The timing of the first series was horrible and on the wrong network. That being the bigger factor I think. Constantine isn’t a teeny, CW show…it’d be like putting Deadpool on CW…okay maybe not to that extent but you get my point. And just as animalperson said, having Swamp Thing on the gates of release would be a PERFECT backdoor pilot for a Constantine show. Just as Titans had an episode featuring and introducing us to Doom Patrol. Having one or two Constantine episodes would flow like buuuutta. And yes @ivy112… definitely would want Matt back

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Yes and yes… also yes

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Agree with @animalperson. Doomed from the start as it was a great show. The horror, fantasy, demonic genre can be hit or miss…Midnight, TX, Preacher, Sabrina, Lucifer, to name a few…Everyone has their favorite and not favorite. but I don’t think any cartoon character has had the perfect actor of Matt Ryan as Constantine. (Except maybe Thor as Hemingsworth) He’s voice is perfect in the animated version as well, only surpassed by Batman/conroy. I am sure that most of you would agree, but when I read Hellblazer, Ryan not Keenu was who I imagined.

As soon as I saw Constantine in Legends, my first thought was that the powers to be so regretted getting rid of Matt Ryan/Constantine, that they stuck him there…and being welsh he could out-act his American counterparts, just by lighting his cigarette.

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Constantine could be a strong replacement for Supernatural on CW.

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