Constantine series in the works?

We got this covered is reporting on a possible new Constantine series


If this turns out to be true:

  1. Yessssssss!!!
  2. I hope it’s on DCU, but I’ll watch it wherever it plays.

It’s true come on DC universe please pick it up

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I’m dying! I love Constantine so much!


I really hope this is true, and I love the fact that they’ll keep Matt Ryan as Constantine.

I can see the show appearing on either DC Universe or the WB streaming app. The CW seems unlikely as long as Supernatural is still on the air.


DC universe is the perfect place to have it

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People, stop treating We Got This Covered as anything other than the “geek” equivalent of a Supermarket Tabloid. They routinely and blatantly make up bullshit just to manufacture web traffic.

Constantine is NOT coming back as a full-fledged television series.

Period. End of Story.


@DigificWriter, I completely agree with your assessment of WGTC. Your POV rings true for alot of genre “news” outlets TBH.

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I agree with you that WGTC has a poor reputation, but why exactly do you think that Constantine will never come back as a stand alone show??? It would fit in perfectly with Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol, and would be a great launching pad for Deadman , Spectre and Dr Fate.

I really want to see Constantine meet Swamp Thing in his dcu show. Especially if it’s the Matt Ryan version.

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@BrightKnight: No network or streaming platform is going to revive a series that is 5 years old and that not a lot of people watched in the first place.

It’s just not going to happen.

Do I expect them to continue the same story lines, no. Do I expect the same cast, no, I don’t even think it will be called Constantine, probably Hellblazer. I do think Matt Ryan will get a new Constantine show, the people here will watch, and then it would be leased out to Netflix International.

@DigificWriter It’s already happened. Netflix brought back Arrested Development in 2013… 7 years after it was cancelled.

The story about Constantine is most likely click bait, but it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the Hellblazer. As long as the character has a dedicated fan base and given the entertainment industry’s tendency to play it safe with remakes, reboots, and sequels, it’s only a matter of time before some type of new Constantine project is announced.

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I really hope this happens

I don’t think the viewership was actually bad, it was just bad for NBC. NBC was never a place for a show like Constantine anyway. I thought that was a high risk/high reward situation for the show. It did outperform Supernatural that year, but a dark show like Constantine on a generic, lets-play-it-safe network, was always going to have an uphill battle to stick around.

Part of why I subscribed here is the hope they’ll do something with Constantine eventually.

@DigificWriter Ordinarily I would agree with that sentiment, and at the end of the day I don’t think it will come back. But I also think given how the Arrowverse has turned into such a huge hit maker for CW and the fact the character has gained more popularity I would not dismiss the possibility. I don’t think it is highly likely, but I would not be shocked if they did. Although CW would do better to put that money and faith behind a new DC series IMHO.