constantine fits better on titans

Matt Ryan is the perfect actor for constantine, but I feel he’s wasted on legends if titans could pick him up or maybe even a new dc dark show on this dc universe I think the character would be done a better Justice. Or maybe just maybe dc universe renews the constantine series. I know it probably won’t happen but it’d be a lot cooler if it did :sunglasses:


I was watching this weeks episode of Titans about to make this same exact post hahha!! Constantine for SEASON 2!!!Make it happen!

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Have you somehow seen the entire fourth season of Legends??.. because I have only seen one and that’s hardly a fair basis for analysis.

Relax, Constantine will (most likely) only be on Legends for this one season. If it gets renewed again, the next seasons theme will be different and the Hellblazer will be free to wander over here, where hopefully he’ll run into Zatanna. :grin:

I would love him to show up!!! Would need to be a different actor than Matt Ryan though

I want Constantine to have a second season so bad, I just finished binge watching season 1. It was Amazing but if we see him in Titans that would be awesome