Constantine city of demons coming to DC Universe?

Is the new Constantine city of demons animated movie coming to DC Universe?


Next Halloween i would guess.

Give it more time. It still needs to sell blue ray before it can come on the app

Honestly should come out a week after blue ray release,the content on here isn’t that deep. It’s enough for me but I still don’t understand why they’d take comics/movies off of this service when the there catalog isn’t that full

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Constantine: City of Demons is on the CW Seed streaming app to watch for free.

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^ good to know! I have been wanting to see City of Demons but couldn’t make myself pay for it when I pay for DC universe already and would expect it to be available here. As much as I’m gonna hate downloading the CW app, I really want to see it

Got the Blu-ray. Couldn’t wait. Loved it!! Very graphic.

@Jason Todd,

It’s on the CW Seed app, which is different from the CW app. Just wanted to clarify that.