Condiment King!

Hey guys–

I wrote a blog post about one of my favorite Batman villains, the Condiment King!

How could I possibly love a guy who squirts ketchup so much? Read the post, as well as two previous ones, below. (I’m really obsessed with the Condiment King.)

Condiment King is a joke on the ridiculous Silver Age Batman villains–and his continued presence in the DC canon is a joke on that joke, a meta commentary that actually, believe it or not, says a lot about the Batman universe.



This is hilarious, Alex! One of our employees dressed as Condiment Man for Halloween, I have a newfound respect for him.

I’m scooching this on over to Fan Creations so it can be appreciated!

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Thanks! Sorry, I’m still learning my way around here.

I’ve gone cosplaying as the Condiment King a few times…

I wish everyday that DC gives him a series. PLS DC MAKE IT HAPPEN

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