Complete New 52 Reading Order?

So I want to read the new 52. Problem is I need a complete reading order. I prefer issue to issue. Problem I see with a lot of these reading orders is they just show the trades or a few characters and tend to leave a lot out. I want to read Batman and Batman related comics, green lantern, Superman and justice league.

I don’t think I can just read all the batman books straight through because so much happens in other series so I’ll probably need to read a few issues of a series at a time.

Can anyone help me find a detailed list, that has issue to issue orders?

Could I read all the batman/bat family, Superman, green lantern, green arrow and justice league books and skip all the swamp thing, animal man and justice League dark books and still not miss anything?

I wanted to read swamp thing, animal man and justice league dark after reading all those new 52 books but I don’t know if that’s possible without missing out on anything.

Try comic book reading orders dot com. Sorry, wont let me post links
I’m using them for Rebirth and only reading what I like, which is about 85-90% of the list.
They separate them by story, so about 6-12 issues of a series at a time. New 52 starts with 24 issues of Demon Knights which is set in medieval times. Skip it if not interested

Here you go - this is the list that JAREDJB2.38156 referenced and it is excellent: New 52 Reading Order Part 1

I’m reading the entirety of The New 52 as well and am loving it. It’s really taken me into every corner of the DC universe and exposed me to characters and stories I never knew existed - many of which have become favorites - and I’m not even done with Part 1 yet!

I hope you are able to read as much of The New 52 as you can and having them ALL on here makes it easy. It’s a great way to maximize the value of your membership as well.

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