Comparison: Young Justice getting a third season is like as if Christopher Nolon got to direct a fourth Dark Knight movie.

Is that a good comparison?

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I’m all for another Nolan bat flick (or any DC property he would get involved with) and I’m really all for YJ S3. So yeah, your summation is apt =)

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Imagine if Nolon did a Green Arrow film!


rubs chin in thought That could be good, definitely. I can picture Inception-esque action sequences and hear Hans Zimmer’s music. Good choice.

If Nolan returns to the DC fold, I’d love to see him direct Green Lantern Corps. Interstellar showed he has a great grasp for beautiful space imagery. Toss in large scale action sequences with that imagery and add in a HZ score, and you’ve got all the pieces needed for a modern classic in comic book based and science fiction based movies.

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That is not a good comparison because many people asked Christopher Nolan to make a fourth film, but, in one interview, he said that he always only wanted it to be a trilogy. I don’t remember the source, but he mentioned in one interview that he wanted to take a break from superheroes.

While this may seem disappointing for movie fans, his actions prove that he is one of the greatest superhero directors. A director that says no to making more films and carrying out his plans is a director that I have great respect for. If he decides to return to superhero films, we are guaranteed a high quality film because someone of his caliber will not make a half-attempted film. Plus, his desire to make the film with as many practical effects as possible means that we are getting more than we deserve when a film has Christopher Nolan’s name attached.

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Well said.

After Batman Begins came out and he was pressed for sequel info, he never committed to anything until he had the right story and it was a story he wanted to tell. I like that approach.



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