Coming Soon & Last Chance: Nov. 1st, 2019

Titans is my favorite! I’m already looking for an announcement that it will be back for season 3. And I’m looking forward to the Harley Quinn Animated Series.


Considering how it took to get Batman 1966 on DVD and Blu-Ray I doubt it.


Did we get an announcement or date for Power Girl? I must’ve missed it somewhere.

I’m going to binge watch almost everything to be honest! :nerd_face::sunglasses:

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Power “my eyes are up here” Girl?

NOW yer talkin!

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As someone that grew up with the original films, I would recommending Superman 1 and then the original Superman2 before trying the Donner Cut.

While there are some great scenes in the Donner Cut, and it fills in some blanks that the original didn’t address, I found it to be very slow and tedious. Superman 1 was an amazing movie, especially for its time. (If I recall correctly, it was really one of the first times, if not the first, that a comic book story was really taken seriously.) I think had Donner been allowed to release 1 and 2 like he intended with out the Salkind’s (sp?) input, everything would have flowed better.

Titans Season 2, but honestly, I’m dying for the Stargirl series. Hoping that it’s still a go for DCU.

Actually, Gotham is owned by Warner Bros but broadcasted on Fox but Netflix has streaming rights and don’t know about how long will be expire, so if it does expire, it is likely to be added to HBO Max.

The broadcast channels are different since they air shows that aren’t own to theirs, that happened a lot, even ABC, CBS and NBC did air shows that owned by different networks, also Supergirl used to air on CBS.

Nearly all of Fox properties are owned by Disney, exception of sports, reality shows and broadcast channel nowadays but Disney could sell Batman '66 movie and shows to WB if they want too, so don’t know about when will be happen.

You can check JustWatch to see if any DC movies are on different services, so if they do so it is unlikely to be available on DC Universe. AT&T, owner of Warner Bros and Turner have capable to say NO to others to license the streaming but AT&T won’t do it for unknown reason. Disney did good job to said NO to all others and pulled their contents from other services, even 20th Century Fox contents are affected as well, exception of new movies come on HBO first until 2022 unless HBO decide to end it.

No, you know what we need? A fraggin’ Multiversity show, where each week a new Earth gets the spotlight! Or we focus on 4 Earths for 1 month! that would take13 months but would be worht it!