Comics are not downloading

I’m very annoyed with DCUI lately. First I had an issue where comics would partially download and then stop (the ring around the download icon would disappear, and would start again from the point it stopped when I pressed the icon again - sometimes having to do this 5 or 6 times for the issue to fully download). On single issues this was annoying, but on graphic novels/collections, it became often impossible to download fully, because the download would only get to a certain point and go no further or crash the app. That seemed to be resolved in an update. Now, comics won’t download AT ALL. I do not like “streaming” issues because I often get the black screen with the spinning loading icon between pages, no matter what my internet connection is, and it takes me out of the immersion of the story (seriously, why do comic book pages even need to LOAD like that in 2024??). Fix your app. I’m this close to cancelling my subscription, and it’s a shame because I’ve been a member since launch. For reference, I’m on an iPad Air (5th generation, 2022), iPadOS 17.0.3.

Update: I updated my iPad to iPadOS 17.3 (the newest version of iPadOS) in the hopes that the issue would be resolved, but it was not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both 17.0.3 and 17.3 and still cannot download comics.


Hi @Legionnaire3K and welcome back! Unfortunately, the moderator team doesn’t have access to the technical system or account details, so we’re unable to help you with this specific situation.

Please reach out to our customer support team and they will get back to you as soon as possible with further assistance: .


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