comics are mentioned that you can't read here

“Heros in Crisis” gets mentioned often but can’t be read here. “Batman secret files” are mentioned all over the place but we can’t read it here. Is this platform just to sell books? We pay our fair share but can only get select books and one original series (unless I missed one). If you are a DC fan enough to pay monthly, you have already read through most of what they offer and seen those series and movies here. Where is the worth? October was supposed to allow us to get new books but that hasn’t happened. Starting to feel like this isn’t worth it honestly. What’s your take? Do feel more and more like it’s wasted money?

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I don’t ever remember them saying that new books would be available. They said new books would be available, but in terms of new comics, not recent comics. This service offers a lot of great comics, some I’ve read I never would have bought in trade, but I decided to read it here and now I will be getting it. DC Daily often mentions new shows and comics that aren’t on the service because its still about DC and yes they still want to sell books. It be foolish for them to only talk about whats on here, because not everyone who has this even knows what current comics or shows are doing & DC Daily & the forums can help those get updated.


I did see an ad saying the DC library would be available in October, but it didn’t happen for whatever reason. However, I’m really enjoying the comics and content that is on here!

They need to make money on the new comics. Then they come here