Comic rotation, or no?

Would you rather pay more for all comics to stay available, or leave it how it is and have them come and go on a rotation?

Yes, I would pay more for a better collection of comics. But if they do this there will be backlash.


Depends on what we are paying for. If its just the titles they have been rotating. No I don’t want to pay more. If they put 80% of back issues yes I would. The way they have been it doesn’t seem like they want to give us that much freedom to read what we want.

As of right now for me this app is just a forum I paid for. I don’t watch the shows I’m not even caught up with titans and I hate getting into a series and having it rippedoff away. I’m just waiting to see how they plan to fix it.


I would pay more to keep the comics from rotating out but only if they continue to add more in.


I definitely agree with you guys. I’d prefer paying more as long as they continue expanding the collection. Frankly I feel they need to just import everything they currently have digital, which is most. I bet they have exclusive deals with Comixology like they due with the Arrow-verse and Netflix. Maybe when those deals run their course we’ll get more content.

I would be willing to pay the same amount just for access to the DC backlog and current issues. That’s what I thought I was signing up for. The whole reason I signed up was to read Bendis’ run on Superman (which I’m now doing through my local library). I was sorely disappointed once it launched. Just random issues and hard to find complete story arcs.



My take: Either 1) the Marvel Unlimited business model is unprofitable or 2) DC thinks they have better business model. DC knows that they can try their model and if they are wrong can go to the Marvel model - but if they start with the Marvel model there is no way they can go the other way around.

Until the late 70’s, maybe later, all comics were ‘work for hire’ - which means the company owned all the rights. So even though there might be usage issues with recent comics there is nothing stopping DC from releasing comics done before then. I can’t imagine that they are making that much money on collected editions of those books.

So far this experiment is a failure.


@BriAWN Me too! If it wasn’t for the comics I wouldn’t be here. I’m a bit surprised at the lack of movies, and TV shows also. No Dark Knight, DCEU, or even Burton movies. Feels like at the very least the could really get to work on a larger comic library.

It’s true they have full rights of their comics, but not if they licensed out the distribution rights. It’s the same reason we can’t watch Arrow-verse on here. They have an exclusive deal with Netflix. I’m only guessing they have some sort of exclusive deal with Comixology though. I could be wrong.

I would be shocked if their deal with ComiXology is any different than Marvel’s. It would be insane for them to give up exclusive distribution rights to a fledgling third party company which what ComiXology was before Amazon bought them.

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The reason why I think Marvel Unlimited works differently is because Marvel doesn’t sell as many trades as DC does. They do a good enough business with recent collections but even really popular stories like Civil War or Infinity Gauntlet don’t do as well as something like All Star Superman or the Dark Knight Returns. Marvel’s line is also much more tightly knit than DC’s…you will get much more out of reading everything from Marvel since they rely more heavily on extended continuity across titles.

Keep in mind too that Marvel Unlimited has been out for over ten years. When I first subscribed if you wanted to read something that wasn’t done by Lee, Kirby and/or Ditko or the stuff that was six months back from current it probably wasn’t there. Even if DC does adopt an unlimited format its going to take them years to fill all the gaps, especially since DC is an older company and has traditonally had a much larger line.


To Ron’s point about rights during the Paul Levitz era DC did sign some fairly generous royalty contracts that dealt with reprints. This is why the Showcase line mainly restricted itself to the silver age and why some bronze and early modern age took so long to come out…they had to renegotiate the contract to account for the lower price point.

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I have used and loved Marvel Unlimited for years and have been hoping for DC to do this. I was a way bigger DC fan than Marvel before I got MU and I ended up basically excusively reading Marvel. So we bought the year when I saw this come up.

I hope they put more into their comic lines on this. I know it is new, but unfinished arcs and 1-2 issues of some series just makes it seem like paying for a preview channel :frowning:

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