Remember the 90s comic cards? Marvel and DC…Mom bought me a pack and the very first one I opened was Superman hologram card and as a kid I was O.O
Wonder why the decision was made to scrap the idea…love collecting those…and seeing how big pokemon, magic etc. (Granted its deck building) why it’s not brought back…


I absolutely looooove gimmicks like that. Fancy covers like glow in the dark, foil, etc., in a plastic bag, extra goodies, I want it all!!! I’m not from the 90s era of comics, and for the most part they aren’t something I’m really into, but there’s something about a good gimmick cover that makes it hard for me to pass up.

Yes I do, DC Cosmic Cards! Still have all mine sleeved. The holograms were rare AF, I never found any. Totally jealous over here. It was my understanding Lobo was the rarest card in the series and I had traded mine for a Captain America from the first Marvel Cards line. Cosmic cards are how I learned about the extended DC universe and characters like Rocket Red, Blue Devil, and the golden age heroes

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I remember Marvel Masterpieces were a big deal when I was in fifth grade. Some kids would bring folders of cards to school and show them off.

The only DC cards I had as a kid were from Batman Forever. Random ones but I liked 'em alot.