comic books to read?

I’ve recently got into reading comics and have only read dc ones thus far these include death of the family, endgame, red son, the dark knight returns, Batman/tmnt 1 & 2, the killing joke and metal. What are some good storylines I should read?

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Aquaman 2011 New 52 Geoff Johns
Batman Detective Comics 2016 James Tynion IV
Wonder Woman 2016 Rebirth Greg Rucka
Superman 2016 Rebirth Tomasi

JLA Grant Morrison
Batman &Robin Grant Morrison
Doom Patrol Grant Morrison

Saga of Swamp Thing Alan Moore

Teen Titans 2003 Geoff Johns
Green Lantern Geoff Johns
Hawkman Geoff Johns
Justice Society Geoff Johns

Justice League Brad Meltzer

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Trinity Matt Wagner


Animal Man Grant Morrison

Planetary Grant Ennis

The Omega Men Tom King

Villains United Gail Simone

Superman For All Seasons is a great introduction to the character.

A few recommendations that keep things simple:

-The Death and Return of Superman
-Batman: Hush
-Wonder Woman vol 1: Blood
-Justice League vol 1: Origin
-Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday

Batman new 52 Court of owls.
Superman Rebirth

You seem to be a Batman fan so I recommend:
The Long Halloween
The War of Jokes and Riddles
No Man’s Land
A Death in the Family
The Batman Adventures

Just got back on was knocked off for 2 months. Could only access comics thru Apple TV app. Folks got it covered. I’d second Batman no mans land. I read all 100 issues such a great read!!!

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