Club Question

So… here’s a random question:

I want to be very involved in this community, I love it so far( got the New Member of the Month badge for October even though I just joined the final week of October :rofl:)

So, I was looking through the book clubs, and noticed there are bunch for specific characters, but no Aquaman.

So I thought to myself “Maybe I should start one”. Now, I know that I’m brand new here and have not earned that right. On top of that, I’ve never run a club and wouldn’t know where to begin.

So…my random question is do we have something that resembles a Future Club Leader Training Program with a duration of a few months?

I know it’s a stretch, but it would be cool if we did.



This sounds like a cool idea! We could maybe run some kind of mentorship programme to foster new clubs and activities within the community! I’ll pass it on to the team so that we can have a discussion about it :slight_smile:


I was going to mention a mentor as well, but didn’t want to overstep my boundaries.


@AquaRef82 Welcome to the community!!


Thanks bro!


Heya AquaRef82!

This is a really interesting question. First, I really appreciate you taking the time to look into what starting a club requires.

The moderation team here is actually pretty open and available. We might sometimes take about 7 days to reply to really complex or next-level conversations, but we have positioned ourselves as mentors regularly (without ever actually calling it that… :thinking:)

If you would like to start an ongoing dialogue with us regarding best practices for club leadership, please feel free to shoot the group a direct message @moderators, and we’ll kick things off!

In the meantime, the best way to get a sense of how clubs work is to jump in and start hanging out in clubs, getting to know folks, and see what questions and posts resonate with you :slight_smile:

Great to see you swimming into the DC community!! :heart:


Welcome @AquaRef82! The community is great here. Enjoy.