Christos Gage and Reilly Brown Share Secrets from Batman/Fortnite

For Fortnite players, Zero Point is an absolute must-read, but it’s also a pretty great Batman story that sees the Dark Knight forced to operate well outside his comfort zone as he mixes things up with Fortnite characters like Fishstick, Ruckus, and Cuddle Team Leader. Every 22 minutes, he dies and is reset from the very beginning and just like everyone else on the island, he’s unable to talk. Oh, and did we mention that Batman’s also forgotten everything about who he is?

Yes, solving the mystery of Fortnite Island will take all of the skill, intelligence and plain old will that the World’s Greatest Detective possesses. So, to make sure he’s up to it, we sat down for a lively chat with both Gage and Brown about fitting Batman into Fortnite’s world, fleshing out some of the game’s crazy characters and figuring out just how many times the Dark Knight gives up the ghost throughout the course of the story.

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