Christmas is around the corner.... what do you want Santa to bring? your Ultimate wishlist!

My top ten is easy
1 ) is always Batman Adventures #12
2 ) the Harley Quinn Hasbro doll (childhood request)
3 ) Batman #1 (if I ever win the lottery this is my first purchase)
4 ) Bombshell nurse Harley kissing Joker statue
5 ) Dark Knight bank robber Joker funko pop
6 ) The BTAS action figures (my inner child is mad my parents thought to give toys away as I grew up)
7 ) to finish my Nightmare Before Christmas in Gotham tattoo(sleeve)
8 ) a director’s cut of Suicide Squad with actual Joker footage longer than 10 mins through the entire movie
9 ) the Batmobile (just for a day lmao)
10 ) Harley’s original mallet from BTAS (the child me had a list of people to bonk with that and still wants it because that list has only gotten longer lmao)…

Yeah yeah I’m Batman(Harley) obsessed but I have been since I was 6. :woman_shrugging:

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  1. Aquaman Movie Mera T-Shirt
  2. DC Superheroines Top 100 moments book
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A day with Amber Heard’s Mera. She’ll show off Atlantis’ sights and sounds. Well have lunch by the coast after whale watching and maybe Arthur himself will pop-in for a hello. That’d be fun. He seems jovial.


@dcgoddess, for your #6, that’s the Kenner BTAS stuff right? Must be if your parents got rid of it.

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  1. DC Digital/Comixology to release Green Lantern #13 from the 1990-2006 run
  2. DC collectibles to do a proper Flash CWTV costume Ring the way they did the Reverse Flash Ring
  3. The Alex Ross Justice Flash figure to be re-tooled as a standing figure instead of a “running” one
  4. Green Lantern Archives *&9 which would cover the final silver age issues #'s 58-74
  5. The cancelled DC Universe Online figure collection.
  6. The cancelled Flash CWTV Captain Cold’s cold Gun
  7. The Flash 1990 TV series Cowl
  8. The 1989 movie Batmobilefor driving around in.
  9. The Kryptonite on a chain from Superman the Movie
  10. Wally West Flash Resurrected by September18th 2019 and a full moritorium on death of major characters in the DCU for ten years.
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edit: #1. That should read the 1990-2004 run of GL.

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Justice league movie
Auqia man funco pop

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All I want is the die cast green lantern power battery prop replica … I had one and lost it on a natural disaster.

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@Vroom I think so, I’m 32 so I had original BTAS toys :sob: I miss my Power Rangers too lmao

That’s a bummer. That Kenner stuff is fun. If it’s any consolation, it’s pretty cheap to track down on eBay.

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Santa, please bring money. Thanks <3


Only one thing i want and it can’t be bought in a store or found under the tree.

Oh yeah, I’ve been eyeballing it lmao, my son is in love with BTAS so I think he may get some action figured for us to play with lmao

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OK Ultimate wishilist

  1. Michael Shanks’ Hawkman costume from “Smallville”
  2. An original Joe Kubert Hawkman sketch
    3.A life size Batman Arkham series cowl
  3. Life size Alan Scott power battery and ring
  4. Dr. Fate’s helmet prop from “Constantine” 1st episode
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Oooo the Arkham Cowl would be dope!