Chose your Super Power, Super Strength/Flying/Teleportation

If your Super Strong you don’t need to be an excellent fighter, one n done punch. you wouldn’t need to fly because you could go old school superman, jumping building in a single bound, and you could run super fast so you could get anywhere you need pretty quick.

Flying you don’t really have to fight, you could fly away to safety or pick up your enemy and drop them (try not to kill of course). or make them pass out from oxygen deprivation, you might need some kind of air supply n regulator.

Teleportation you could go all night crawler on them and hit your enemy on all sides or just teleport them somewhere undesirable. you could basically fly if you had one of those cool base jumping wing suits and just kept teleporting when you started to lose altitude.

Obviously your Villians would find a way to exploit your weakness’s, its what they do.

So… which Power would you chose?


Good question.

Super strength because I’m really tired of struggling to open jars. It took me way too long to open a jar of spaghetti sauce. :laughing:

I could fly or teleport to the store, but I still wouldn’t be able to open the jar without help.


@JLWWSM. :joy: Nice! I would pick teleportation. I hate driving!


Trick question. Teleportation, unless some weird gravity, friction, physics, or what-have-you law takes place, means that the user can teleport to the moon where they weigh 1/6 of their weight. By doing so, they will be able to practically fly, and may be considered super strong.
Also, it may be easier to open jars on the Moon.
To paraphrase an initially funny show, “Spaghetti sauce jar that doesn’t open, send it to the moon.”


Strength and teleportation.


Super Strength: Good for fighting, can take on a ton of enemies.

Flying: Really effective for transportation, never late to work, and it’s really fun to fly.

Speed: Similar to flying, really good for transportation, better for defeating your enemies because they won’t see you coming.

Teleportation: The best for transportation and pretty good for fighting, but I won’t find it as fun.

I will go with either super speed of flying.


Firecrackers are probably great at opening jars of spaghetti sauce. Opening them all over the backyard, I should say =)


Definitely speed. Financially set for life after robbing couple banks and what not.

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