cheesy movies

So is it me or did anyone else think Aquaman was a little cheesy at the beginning the acting kind of sucked

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Nothing wrong with balanced cheese

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I think for a movie costarring Dolph Lundgren the acting was pretty good, I mean it won’t win any academy awards but it was fun and at the end of the day that’s all I ask out of my Super hero media


I’ve been known to like a little cheese with my movies… :smirk:


Cheese and comic books go together like mac n cheese!

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It always amuses me someone calling a comic book movie cheesy

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The title of this thread reminds me of the opening to TV’s Mystery Science Theater 3000.

“We’ll send him cheesy movies! The worst we can find. La-la-la!”


aww you mean this isn’t a thread about our favorite cheesy movies … :thinking:

no. 1 on my list came out in 1991 … Cool as Ice … the créme de la créme of cream cheese … featuring Vanilla Ice as a nomadic romantic motorcyclist rapper warrior lover who falls for the smart equestrian girl off to college, desperate to reconcile her frat jerk boyfriend with this new bad boy from nowhere with a heart of gold made of glass …

the director disavowed the film but the DP went on to win an Oscar for I believe Avatar; also starring Michael Gross, the dad from Family Ties

line of dialogue for the ages: ‘drop that zero and get with the hero’ :sunglasses:

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@manifest, have you seen the Rifftrax version of Cool as Ice? OMG, rarely have I laughed so hard at a trashing of a genuine pile of cinematic garbage as I did when I saw that (and I’m an MST3K fan!).

God bless Rifftrax.

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I also thought this was going to be a favorite cheesy movies thread. I came prepared too LOL

That being said
I definitely thought the dialogue was a bit “oof” at times. At times it added to the movie’s charm, and at times it was just oof. I liked the acting, even see the cheesy bits (I adore cheesy movies), the cast was :fire:, but I did get the sense of the story not being fully fleshed out and being a touch cliche. Of course, that’s my bread and butter so I loved it, but I definitely see where you’re coming from.

I enjoyed Aquaman start to finish.

I agree with op. It's fun but dumb. I wish my fellow fans had higher standards for film. When it comes to movies, comics, and entertainment in general I'm lactose intolerant. I dont understand why you all find comics synonymous with cheese, I thought that all got ditched in the 80s.