Charged 200 dollars extra for ultra

I subscribed to ultra back in October. I was since charged 2 extra times. At first I thought it was an error in my banking charge history in terms of dates. As I had not noticed the balance. And then when it happened again on Monday. I knew there was a problem.

As such I contacted the support like I was supposed to. They almost immediately responded and it was a Sunday and I was very surprised. I appreciate the speed of response. However they stated that the charges would be dropped within this week. Since then there has been no sign of my money being returned.

How would I go about receiving my 200 dollars back?

*note I did check back in with support. But the response was very unclear

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Hey there, I’m sorry you haven’t received your refund yet. Sometimes it takes banks more than 5 business days to process returns/refunds.

Could you please elaborate? Support should be your #1 go to regarding this, as community moderators don’t have the tools necessary to help you out with something like a refund.

They told me to contact my bank for their hold policies. But wouldn’t that imply that I’d get a notice of money being added to my account first? There’s no sign of any money being added. I’m simply confused on what they mean by Holds

Hey there Monkey — I’m super sorry to hear you’re going through this, I know how stressful additional charges and any issues with the bank can be.

As mentioned, we as community moderators are unable to assist with this subscription issue as we have no means of accessing the financial info you provided upon subscribing. That would largely be held with our Billing & Membership team through Support; any questions you have should continue to be directed to them through your open ticket. If they mentioned something about a hold policy, it might be worth contacting your bank and asking about any pending funds, both inward and out, related to that subscription.

Please continue reporting information to our support team with full details and following any instruction they have to give to make sure you receive your refund.

A hold is when a bank sets aside an amount of money that may be more than what is charged. A lot of gas stations used to warn that if you used debit at the pump, the bank might place a hold of $125 even if you only pumped $50. The other $75 couldn’t be used until the hold lifted. I wouldn’t think that would apply here but I’m not a banker and maybe there are other types.


Thanks man. Yeah I used a debit card so I’m worried I’m not gonna get my money back

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