🏈 Characters of DC] Go Team Go! [November 2020] 🏈

Hello all and welcome to a special anniversary edition of Characters of DC! One year ago this club had just begun. I’m looking forward to Year Two!

And now on with this month’s discussion.

DC has had a lot of great teams over the years. From the JSA to Task Force X and beyond these teams scattered across the DCU have been involved in many events over the years and have become staples within the DCU. This month we will be taking a look at two of these teams and learn how and why they formed, who their members are and which team you would join if you could.

Chosen Teams:

  • Task Force X -Weeks 1&2: (Nov. 1-15)
  • Shadowpact- Weeks 3&4 (Nov. 16-30)

As always I will be making posts during the month with stories to read and other nifty information to discuss.

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NEXT MONTH: :snowman_with_snow:Happy DC Holidays! An exploration of DC Holiday stories :snowman_with_snow:

Task Force X (nicknamed The Suicide Squad) is the brainchild of Amanda Waller. They are a group of criminals and Super villains who take on very high-risk covert operations in exchange for commuted prison sentences. They are the ones who get called in when a situation requires more extreme measures that the regular heroes will not take.

Team Bio

Team Chronology

Team Members

There have been several members of Task Force X over the years so rather than list them here’s a link.

Members of the Suicide Squad

Base of Operations

Belle Reve Prison

** First Appearance**

The Brave and the Bold #25


Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, John Ostranded

Issues for these two weeks.

You can also read any other Suicide Squad book you want the above doesn’t appeal to you.

In two weeks we will take a look at Shadowpact. Hope to see you then.

Awesome topic @JasonTodd428. Looking for more about the history of the Squad? Check out our previous History Club topic month. I’ll be back to talk about my take on these issues, but first I still need to go to your Swamp Thing topic. So many good topics, so little focus by me.

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Shadowpact is a a team of magically based heroes . The group was founded on the spur of the moment by Enchantress, Detective Chimp and Ragman in order to fight against the Spectre.

Team Bio

Team Members


Blue Devil

Detective Chimp





Base of Operations

The Oblivion Bar

First Appearance*

Day of Vengeance #1


Bill Willingham


Day of Vengeance


Next month we will be taking a bit of a break from characters and instead C of DC will be offering up some Holiday Tales for your reading pleasure. Please be sure to tune in.

Are we still reading Suicide Squad or have we moved on? My notifications got turned off again. :rage:

You can still read Suicide Squad if you like. We are also reading about Shadow past as well.