Challenge: What Are The Small Ways We Can Be Heroes? Can You Be a Hero for 24 Hours?

And kindness.

There is nothing more heroic than absolute and unconditional kindness.


An old friend of mine is having a birthday party about 40 miles away, and despite my severe distaste in going anywhere tonight I’ve decided to Uber over there and surprise him with a gift. I think he’ll appreciate the gesture, and I know I’d like it if my friends did the same for me.


I think, in some ways, the smallest act of heroism is just being there. Not every hero needs to save the day and know all the right answers to every problem. Sometimes, it’s just being a friend. Sitting next to someone you care about and smiling. Ensuring that all of your friends know that you’re there and you care.

Kindness in general is a great form of heroism. Smiling as you walk down the street, holding the door open, and being open to different ideas. I know that everyone on here is very passionate about their views of DC and the world; so I’m always impressed and happy when I see people with different viewpoints sharing them in a civil way. Sometimes I forget to follow my own standards, but I always try my best; I think that’s really all we can ask of others too, And knowing that we ourselves can struggle with that, means that we should have patience with one another. I’m sorry if this went off track, but I hope it’s something people can enjoy reading.


Okay, I feel vindicated for coming here. A friend of mine was about to get into a straight up bar fight, and I mustered up the courage to get in the middle and de-escalate. Everybody’s calming down now. I think we’re safe.


Panicking just a little right now after the fact. That got REAL close to getting ugly. Do not try at home folks.


A person of mystery… and a person of heroics. This is the true HubCityQuestion.


I don’t think I will be able to muster up the energy to do this particular challenge. Based on what is being described, I live my life as a hero every single day of my life. Every day I care openly and honestly for others. Sometimes to my own detriment. Making sure those around me are happy and safe is how I live my existence. It has been since I was a small child and I protected the other kids I was raised with from a vile caregiver, to helping the homeless even while I had no home, continuing to help others love each other even when it is hard, feeding as much positivity back into the world as possible through showing the most downtrodden that life can get better. I now work with at-risk youth in my day to day existence. These are kids with truly horrendous traumatic stories and I try as best as possible to help mend some semblance of a normal childhood for them together. I draw from my own trauma to get empathetic to them. I am a social worker in my day to day life. I now conduct a weekly support group for LGBT adults in my community that are coming in with issues pertaining to their LGBT status. I don’t give to just a singular population, but numerous. I give my entire life over to others and will continue to do so until the day I am gone.

Small things matter so much. Listening to someone, not passing judgment on someone you think you have figured out, and even that smile mentioned originally. It is all about understanding that just because you have pain doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. Don’t ever add to that hurt is how I live my life and i hope everyone else can learn to take this on. Love and light to this entire community. Sorry that I can’t join in 100% with the challenge but others please pick this up and show the world the love we can produce when we are kind and heroic.


A small act of heroism we can all do is never forget we are all in this world together and should all strive to make our part a better place. Be that standing up for someone being wronged, listening to someone who thinks no one cares about them, or just smiling and saying hello to someone. If you think it will truly make your part of the world better,do it. If we all do that the world will be a much better place.


I was at my vets this morning when I had an opportunity to pay it forward. There was a family who had had to put their cat to sleep. He had been sick a long time and they could not pay the bill for both his long illness and all the rest besides.That was when I stepped in and offered to pay for whatever of his last medical bills they couldn’t pay and also to pay for whatever type of memorial they wanted to go with for their beloved pet.

Someone did the same for me years ago when I was unable to pay for one of my cats final bills and it was a godsend. I hope it was for this family.


My wife and I adopted a dog from a shelter this week. So far he is doing well.


@PrincessAmethyst You sound like an amazing person. Thank you for doing everything you do.


Thanks for saying that @ralphsix. I’ve been through a lot and it has defined my moral character greatly. My viewpoint of the world is always help others to be the best they can be. Also this is just me being authentically who I am at this point of my life. I share my truth, but also keep a lot of what I do deeply guarded as not everything has to be known or the good in it somewhat dissipates. Somethings that are heroic shouldn’t be talked about. I think that also helps define a hero. They don’t look for praise, they simply do.


I would really love to see this continue and hear more stories of people taking a day to live heroic. I challenge anyone that comes across this thread later to take this up for a day, regardless of when you read it. It is always a good day to help others!


I made physical photo albums (Google Photos) for each of my Grandfather’s siblings. Each one was tailored to the individual (My Grandfather with that particular sibling). All five of his siblings have expressed their thanks with phone calls and written letters. It felt good to do that.


Care about your fellow man. Hold a door open, give a compliment, buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive thru, etc.

Leave people you encounter happier than before you arrived.


Sometimes your perceived weakness can turn out to be a strength. I think a lot of the evil and injustice in the world could be solved if each person had more empathy. And it’s not an automatic thing, it takes some deep thought and effort, and sometimes you need to change your mindset. I don’t support legislature or policies that make it more difficult for people to get health care or afford medicines. I want everyone to feel safe with their choices and identities supported. There’s a lot of negative trolling/flaming/vitriol-spewing on the internet that shouldn’t exist and I’m happy to work against it. I am but a small thread in the greater tapestry that is the information highway, but sometimes tugging one thread unravels the whole thing, which is why you should never pull a loose thread btw.


When I am in the drive through I will often pay for the next one to two drivers’ meals. It doesn’t matter who they are, I just pay. Most times I don’t get an acknowledgement and that’s ok because that is not why I do it.
However sometimes they will pull right next to me and tell me thank you. Some seem overwhelmed that I did such a simple act of kindness. It may be they were going through a rough patch of life and this helped them going. I will never know these strangers’ lives but I feel good to help in a small way.
Added bonus is usually my youngest child is in car with me and asks why I do it. I hope she is learning from me to become a hero in training.

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It might not be as mighty but I also try to post only positive things online. It is far too easy to complain and make negative comments about someone or something but it takes real hard work to be nice online.
I often post on one of my town’s Facebook page, posting pictures, praising work that others have done. I try to counteract the majority of complaints and nasty comments.
For my efforts, the town park and rec superintendent contacted me early to get in on a new program in our town called Kindness Counts. You nominated someone in town for doing something nice and they receive a sign to place in their yard to let everyone know. Over the summer we saw so many signs up and down roads for kind people including myself. So popular it was that we ran out of signs after first 500! We even sent a letter to Ellen DeGeneres to try to get a mention on her show. That didn’t happen but that’s ok because I am proud of my town just the same.


From my experience what makes hero. Is be there to help those need of it. Even if its not that big the small things u do for others can have a lot of positive influence later on down the line.
Helping out a community in need to add more light and joy also helps put.
Most of be brave and stand up for what u believe in and in those you care about and support.

Staying home taking care of your wife is a very heroic thing to do!