🔵 ⚪ Celebrating 25 Years of the Blue and White ⚪ 🔵

Bet you’re going to be right Toyman, you’re really great at this!:nerd_face:

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Why thank you! :clark_hv_4:

cracks knuckles over his keyboard while saying “Let’s do this toy identification thing!”

Were these the Superman Blue and Red figures you had:

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Yup! Ding Ding! Right again! (In Jim Carrey’s voice) What do we have for him Johnny?

A lifetime of Jelly Club for a whole year! :thinking: Hmm…Sound terrible, I’ve heard somebody lost his temper over it.

Seriously @Vroom you are definitely a expert, I’m really impress, think I’ll reread the Superman Blue in a Ultra graphic novel, what a great memory it will be. :nerd_face:

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Oh, wow! No more buying jelly for this guy!

sits back and thinks about what his jelly monies can now be spent on

I have always wanted to take a kayaking class. Just one, though. Like, for one day. I think the money I save from no longer having to buy jelly will allow me to hook that up rather nicely.

Who, that Clark W. Grisman guy?

You know…

leans in and lowers the tone of his voice, just a smidge

…I heard that when Grisman’s neighbor saw Grisman’s Christmas tree in Grisman’s front yard, he asked Grisman “Where are you gonna put a tree that big?”, and that Mr. Grisman replied in a way most unpleasant!

I shan’t wish to reiterate the words heard, but they were most offensive and gloriously gauche. :smile:

Thank you, and you are most welcome, Mr. President.

“Do it to it, Lars!” :superman_hv_4:

:notes: “Me-mor-ies. Talkin’ 'bout comic book me-mor-ies…” :notes:

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