Catwoman vs. Katana

Who would win in a five minutes fight between these two? Win by a KO or a submit.

Probably Katana. Years of training, master of the blade, and deadly calm. All Catwoman has is catlike reflexes, street smarts, a cool whip (Which a blade can cut through), claws (Which wouldn’t be very useful against a blade, unless you’re Batman.), and an attitude.

It depends if it a fair regulated fight like an MMA fight I give it to Katana but if its a out on the streets fight to the death superhero battle I think Catwomen would fight dirty and pull out the win

Never underestimate Selina Kyle :wink:

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Fear the cat

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Catwoman hands down!

Sorry Kay!

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Katana is a bad bitch lol

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Selina is my favorite (I mean, look at my avatar), but…I don’t think she’d win that fight.

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Catwoman no doubt

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Sorry Selina I don’t see you winning that fight.

Samurai beats burglar

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Katana, better weapons and both are calculating fighters, of the two Katana is more calculating. Back to the kitty box for Ms. Kyle.

Catwoman, if katana doesn’t have her sword then Selina could win but it could go either way if katana has her sword

Katana. She is more of a fighter to Catwoman being an escape artist.