Cannot access my subscription details

I can’t access my subscription details to find out when my sub expires. I’ve tried in the app and via the webpage but neither avenue works. Anyone else having this issue? More and more the issues with this service are driving me nuts.

Hey there @jtzielinski.63297! I’m not sure what you mean, exactly. Can you describe what you’re seeing? If you visit → DC Universe Infinite Settings Page ← (settings page) you should be able to pull up your subscription information. If it’s not working on your current browser, please try logging into another browser and going into your settings that way. For information regarding how I reached the settings page, you go to the main webpage, hover over your username in the upper right hand corner, and then tap on “My DC.” From here, you tap on settings in the right hand area and you should be able to pull up your personal information.

Alternatively, if you tap “more” in the bottom right hand corner of the mobile application, and then settings, you should be able to view your subscription.

If you require more assistance, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Hello. When I’m in the settings menu on the IOS version of the app, I cannot click into the “manage subscription” tab. It won’t allow me to access any of the tabs in the settings menu.

Hmm, so it sounds like the app is glitching out - sorry you have to deal with that. Can you try visiting this link here from Safari, Google Chrome, or whatever web browser you use? It should pull up the information you’re looking for that way.