I hope dc does a better job than marvel on shows. Im so saddened by luke cage canceling especially a time when we need more diversity and minorities and this one show waa actually covering things that were relevent to today. And they cancel. I hope dc doesnt make their mistake.

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It was a great show. Bad news for all who love a quality superhero show.

But that said, I’m not too worried about it happening here. Really apples and oranges. Marvel had that show on what will be a competing service. Disney, which owns Marvel, plans to have its own streaming service with original content which leaves Netflix competing with Disney with their own product. Eventually, Netflix will have no Marvel content.

Here, DC is placing their product on their own service. Other than members turning up their noses at DC shows, which I don’t see happening, DC will have no reason to prematurely cancel a show.

Down the road, the new WB streaming service may throw some kind of wrench in DCs works. We’ll just have to see how that works out.

The Marvel TV show cancellations are kind of irrelevant. Those were made by Marvel/ABC Studios and sold to a 3rd party (Netflix) What DC Universe is doing is producing their own shows in-house. The Marvel shows were relying on money from someone else to stay on the air.

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And if you are looking for more diversity, The CW shows are fantastic in this regard. Black Lightning is definitely on par with Luke Cage (better imo), and Supergirl is introducing a trans superhero this season. Plus, they do really great work with the characters.

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I think the WB streaming service will contain content from the WB halt and will focus on movies and TV shows. The DC universe streaming service will target DC Fans with media related to the DC Universe.

I think Disney will create a heroes for hire show for their streaming service

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@Redhood.55520 that’s all speculation. The public will have to see what entails with the Disney service (Disney Play?) and what content will be featured there. In truth, if they were going to pull a show, they would have done it with their best ones, not their worst. Why are Daredevil, Punisher, and Jessica Jones still on Netflix if they wanted to create a streaming service featuring their popular streaming comic book IP’s?

If this app cancels Titans or don’t renew truly I believe mostly everyone’s gonna unsubscribe

Minority characters will always struggle as long as writers keep trying to tell “real” world stories, instead of just good comic stories.

There is no reason that every AA character always has to fight diversity issues in every book.

It all comes down to the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$ one thing you can say is they are trying and their is only so much to cover to grab our attention bring in entire dc related shows movies cartoons etc put it their for us try making some of those cgi movies based on comic story lines

Black lightning is better. Marvel sucks