Can Superman run on water?

some guy in my youth group says he can. But he doesn’t even have the speed force so

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I mean he’s definitely fast enough to, but it’s kind of pointless when you can just fly

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Yes, he can. He’s done it racing the Flash.


Supes can run on the sun for crying out loud, he’s not worried about a little agua.


As seen in, among other places, the “Speed Demons” episode (S2, E4) of Superman: The Animated Series.


I know about that. But I was talking about in comics.

“Can Superman run on water?” I interpreted that as meaning can he function on just drinking water, as opposed to eating food lol. :man_facepalming:

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He definitely can and has.


That is exactly why I meant. :joy::joy::joy:

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Dang it. Guess I’m an idiot. But to be fair, I have never read a single Superman comic because I kind of hate him :stuck_out_tongue: so my only sources were Batman and supergirl

The image I posted of Superman running is actually from a Batman book :blush:

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Oh my gosh :joy:

Run on water? You bet ya, & he can swim on land! Don’t ever doubt big blue.