Can someone give me the formula to the Anti-Life Equation?

Feeling cute. Might conquer the universe.


I hear you can get it by dividing by 0

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On a variety of levels, it is definitely not dividing by 0.

I thought it was (x^n)+(y^n)=(z^n) but for which n, i know not.

good luck with the conquering otherwise

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Walgreens has it. CVS says they have it but that’s to get you in the store so they can sell you stuff for your earwax or bunion pads, stool softener and hard liquor…’medicine’ can be anti-life if you misread or ignore the label or buy it from Desaad’s Drive-Thru Drugaroony Store. Give your order into Perky the Parademon’s ‘ear’ [microphone] and get ready to fork out big time at the window. Me, I stick with Walgreens.

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@Princess_Rosalean um. I would Like to Return my Antilife for a Full Refund

Season 3 of the flash

No refunds!

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