Can Cyborg Get A Little Shine?

I want to see something done with Cyborg. A live action tv series or movie would be great but even an animated series would do. Chime in if you feel the same.


He’s going to appear in Doom Patrol and apparently his role is kinda big


Cyborg’s great and underrated. Fun fact: Ernie Hudson voiced him in The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. Looking forward to his Doom Patrol appearances.


Didn’t know he would be in Doom Patrol. That’s good to know because after their Titans episode I was pretty hyped about Doom Patrol. Cyborg being in it is a big bonus.

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And can lead to a bigger bonus. If he’s received well then maybe he’ll guest star on Titans S2 or actually have his own spin off

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I’m a Cyborg fan, I could get behind a solo show for him b/c he has the football background that they just skip over & start from there. They could expand for solo show by spending some time on that area ( or whatever sport/sports he’s in depending on what you’re reading) and his tumultuous relationship with his father. Then build up from there till he gets his life saved by his dad and becomes Cyborg. From there to when he starts as a superhero & go to Titans to Justice League and all the in betweens.

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