Call To Bring Ratcatcher 2 To Comics

I feel like the title is pretty self-explanatory. But sure, I’ll give a little speech. Y’all remember Cleo Cazo AKA Ratcatcher 2 from the movie “The Suicide Squad”?

She ended up one of the major highlights of the movie. And speaking for myself, I think she should become a thing in the comics. We had characters like Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya & Livewire start off in DC shows before making their way to the comics. It’s high time the same thing should happen for Cleo! She’s funny, dealing with trauma, beautiful, eternally tired…everything we could possibly want from a character! :two_hearts:


Yes, you want a change to the comics. Go the Geoff Johns route and just become DC chairman then.

Tiny bit. She was the best character from what little I saw.

The English minor in me is really peeved by that needless word padding that just restates the title after the opening paragraph.

And hardly resemble their show counterparts at all now. There are hordes of similar fan discussions to this saying they should have just been new characters. Also how did they start “iff” They were not made only to be moved to the comics like that implies.

Based on Harley Quinn you need to wait 5 years.

Other than the last thing that describes so many major comic characters it would be easier to make a list that does not fit, and eternally tired is more of a brief gimmick than anything.


I’ll admit to not being the best with grammar. Sorry! :sweat_smile:

And your right, characters like Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya were not made just to be moved over to comics. They became popular and that popularity convinced those in charge to carry them over. So I would say introduce her in a small cameo appearance in some kind of comedic context. And then future writers couod potentially use her if they want for whatever stories they have in mind.

Regarding characters like Harley and Renee not resembling their original versions - from what I can recall for those 2 specifically, they certainly did start off like their TV versions. What they are now I would argue is just natural character development (good and bad) over an extended period of time


Please tell me that was intentional gag.




So I think we are going to get Ratcatcher 2 soon. I know this unfortunately because she premieres in a storyline that frustrate me as a Luke Fox Batwing fan.

Appearing in Next Batman: Second Son #6 it involves Batwing trying to find the cure for his sister Tamara Fox who was infected by a drug Ratcatcher made in the Batwing series. Hold up in the underground of Gotham, Ratcatcher is confronted by Batwing who seeks a cure but only to be surprised by Ratcatcher army of orphan kids to his cause.

Batwing obviously refusing to hurt a bunch of kids attempt to just hold them away with a forcefield when it’s revealed a girl who has a bolt Sniper rifle manage to penetrate the forcefield and Batwing armor.

When the GCPD arrive on the scene, they kill Ratcatcher and are going to shoot the children forcing Batwing to stop them and collapse a part of the building for their escape. Later in the wreckage the same girl with the sniper rifle finds the mask of a dead Ratcatcher and looks upon with interest.

This storyline involving Tamara Fox getting sick, Luke having to be forced to deal with Ratcatcher children army, GCPD arriving so fast and shooting Ratcatcher, Tiffany Fox to be mad at Luke to side with Jace Fox thereafter. All of these things to make Batwing look bad and fail his family. It was all contrived.

But that’s Ratcatcher 2. We haven’t seen much of her anywhere else so either she is going to premiere as Ratcatcher 2 in a other comic like a future storyline involving Jace Batman or if this is just a dead storyline and none of this matters. :thinking:


I loved her in the movie. I would like to see more of her!


First of all…I’m genuinely surprised that Ratcatcher is still an active character. I just thought he has been dormant for the last several years.

Second, I’m sad that contrived and frustrating drama is influencing a book you like. As far as this girl goes, I won’t believe she is Ratcatcher 2 unless there is some sort of official announcement or declaration


I think for me my disappointment is not necessarily about what happens with Batwing here as plenty of storylines involve Luke Fox being a disappointment to his family. :smile:
No it’s mostly about the fact that this is Batwing last major appearance in books. Sure Luke Fox shows up in places but he hasn’t really been Batwing either in the John Ridley books or in the other Batman titles for a long time.

If I was chairman of DC comics as @MatthewHecht eloquently put it.

I would make the I Am Batman series not just about Jace Fox being Batman but also a series about his brother Batwing. Have Luke be the Batman connection to help his brother with becoming a better hero and Jace confronting his problems about his family and fighting for people in a city who might not like him being Batman.

I think a story about Brotherhood would be very interesting to those people who have Brothers, who might relate to difficulties the Fox Brothers have with each other and showing them as heroes trying to do right thing by people would be pretty heartwarming stuff.

Sorry about my long speech here. Now, about Ratcatcher.

Your correct. I think this is Ratcatcher 2 but we will not know until some time. It’s unfortunate that Ratcatcher 2 seems to be missing in comics but also now the movies with James Gunn confirming that no new Suicide squad is being worked on in phrase one of the new DCEU.