Building DC UNIVERSE ALL STAR GAMES with Freddie Prinze Jr

Freddie Prinze Jr. is more than a Hollywood icon. The actor is also a passionate DC Comics fan, and a lover of RPG tabletop games. Thanks to DC Universe All Star Games , Prinze is now sharing his love of both things with the entire world, in a one-of-a-kind unscripted show.

Head over to the News Section to learn more about his childhood gaming experiences, his friendship with his co-stars, his favorite DC stories, and his dream DC movie pitch.

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I love this series the 2nd edition of DC Heros was one of the best RPGs i ever played as a kid. The world felt like the comics and the rules made a lot more sense than the marvel game at tsr, this show has inspired me to dust off my box and begin playing with my ten year old who also loves superheros. I would love when the game is done, if you guys posted an outline so we could do this type of adventure at home.

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I loved playing DC Heroes back in 85! I have the Batman Sourcebook/Expansion Pack! I also have the Legion of Superheroes Sourcebook!

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This show has been a very welcome surprise.

Both of my teenagers and I watch this show every Friday at lunch. I can honestly say, we LOVE it! It’s so ridiculous and fun to watch.

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