In ‘Asylum’, when Dick is living through his darkest nightmare, I noticed something that just about ripped my heart out.
After his younger self shows up and starts beating the crap out of Dick, he is plunged through the floor of Wayne Manor and onto the floor of the Batcave. Dick is lost, beaten, and near death. But he doesn’t call out to his new teammates. He doesn’t even call to his parents. He utters only one pitiful plea.
He says, “Bruce…?”
Not “Alfred”. Not even “Batman”. But “Bruce”. His mind calls out to the one person he knows - even in the deepest and darkest pits of his own despair - the person who cares about him the most.
Wow. Great writing. I’m gonna go cry about it again now…


I didn’t catch that before or don’t remember but that’s great and the way it should be. He’s pissed off Bruce but deep know he knows he still loves and respect Bruce as a father figure and Bruce still loves Grayson as a son despite being upset that he went solo

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