Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Care, Superman's Stories, Representation, and DC Universe

Howdy y’all. As most of you know DC Fandome will be upon us soon and there is a questionnaire section where they state: “We want your voice heard and your important questions answered.” And I believe, if I’m reading it right there is no limit to the number of questions one can ask. I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to ask about things I’ve seen discussed on this community. These are a few questions, that if you agree, I would like to have as many people possible submit questions regarding these issues.

The Joker:

Given the recent financial success of the Joker film and the monetary gains from his popularity in comics and other merchandise, I thought asking DC to commit a percentage of this characters profits to go towards Mental Health Care would be a wonderful thing for them to do. The lack of proper care for individuals who suffer from these sorts of things is a serious problem and if they could help, while I’m sure it still won’t be enough, could at least make a difference.


Superman’s shield is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. He is the ultimate immigrant who fights for those that the system has failed to protect. He represents how people, especially those with power should act. He is the embodiment of hope, truth, and justice. Because of his significance to pop culture and that the mythology of Superman reflects our societies beliefs and values, I would like to see Superman’s stories address more current issues.


I’ve seen quite a few threads on here voicing concerns about either inadequate or lack of representation of people in our society. While I’m sure this matter is not lost on DC and for the last few decades progress and valid efforts have been made. This Fandome questionnaire my present a suitable platform to voice these concerns.

DC Universe:

As DC Universe members lets all expressing our desire for them to better support this service and show our love and passion, we have for it by letting them know we’re here to stay.

These are the question categories that I think may present the best place to voice these desires:
Comic Book & Animation Writers
DC Comics Publishing
DC General
Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Walter Hamada
& Zack Snyder.

If y’all can think of any other important areas of concern, please make them known here in this thread. This DC Universe service has a strong and passionate collection of fans and if we all could get together in a constructive and organized manner to collectively voicing these desires, I believe it would give us a better chance at being heard.
Thanks y’all.

Here is a link to the DC Fandome Questionnaire Section


Reading through this, and I LOVE this idea so so so much.


Thank you! Because of a few people in my personal life, it would mean a lot if DC did something like this. If they do I apologizes, I’m unaware of it.


Good ideas Aqua, and great thinking bringing them up through Fandome. In addition to asking for all our little comics/movie/TV specific questions, make sense for the fans to bring up the issues we care about. May help DC put its fingers on the pulse.


Thanks buddy, I just think if folks can collectively use this Fandome thing to voice these topics it may grab their attention, if not already in the works. The more submissions the greater our chances at being heard. I’m not sure if it’s a live Q&A, I submitted mine through the text option. But even if just one of these gets brought up especially if it’s live, I think it will be a good nudge in the right direction. Thanks for showing your support and to everyone else that has.


Howdy y’all,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who has showed their support for these topics especially with increasing the odds that the Joker/mental health one may be seen.




Thanks y’all and to anyone else who may have submitted one of these questions.
Have a great weekend! :hugs:


I hope this gets a bump up & we can gather a larger louder voice for those in pain & needing someone to help them work through lifes hard knocks. Things get tough & with the world right now it is even harder for those that that need the most help to find it in a timely affordable manner. DC has plenty of stories to group together that include the topic of mental health. Putting those together, referencing hotlines for help, - a donation to an all important issue… Now, that’s a brand I want to support!


Thank you @toonatonian, you Rock! :dancer: :hugs:

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