They should have not canceled swamp thing i thought it was good do i have anyone woth me anyway we can bring it back?

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I’m with you. The finally just pissed me off more that it’s being cancelled

I wasn’t a big fan of the Swamp Thing comics, but I always enjoyed the character when it crossed over to other titles I read. I waited to reserve judgment until the final episode of the series.

And it was a great series that really drew me in. It has so much potential to carry forward that I’m struck dumb in trying to figure out why it was canceled. Especially since they cancelled it before the second episode even aired. What could have possibly made them make such an incomprehensible decision to cancel a show that so brilliantly captured the character and the supporting cast?

Good grief, the supporting cast alone was enough to keep some of this going. Introducing Dan Cassidy and having him become the Blue Devil, a character I really liked in the comics. Jason Woodrue, the Flouronic Man, was set up in such a fabulous method. The inclusion of Madame Xanadu, although different from her comic portrayal, was really well done.

So many stories that could have continued from this series that was so senselessly ended before it was even given a chance to try to capture an audience.

Even though I’ve long been a fan of the Teen Titans since their original appearances in the comics back in the early days, long before the New Teen Titans in the 80’s, the series just didn’t really capture the spirit of the comics in the way that I enjoyed. I still watched, and will continue to watch the Titans series here, but it never drew me into the storyline the way this series did, and I was never as big of a Swamp Thing fan as I was a Teen Titans fan.

I’m really hoping that someone will take another look at this series and continue it somehow.

AT&T is swimming in red ink from its WB purchase and Swamp thing cost more than DC anticipated, so that doesn’t add up to the prospects of a return being very good.