Beware the Batman. The only cartoon that’s worth the time, money, and effort to bring back. The show was a hit and can help DCU a ton. The show brought back Batman Animated Series vibes. Batman himself was a true detective in this show knowing everything about anything which helped him win fights.

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I just want the original series put on DCU.

I’m a little confused what you mean by “Can help DCU a ton”. Can you clarify your statement?

I’m sure they just mean a Batman animated series would be a big draw for the app. Which is true, but I personally think a brand new Batman animated series would be a bigger draw.

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I have no doubt the show will eventually end up here, but maybe it has to do with clearing licensing issues or something with Cartoon Network. That would be my best guess.

I don’t know. Beware the Batman was good but I kind of liked the ending. If I could have one animated DC series brought back it would be the original Teen Titans or Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

I’m not interested in a continuation of Beware The Batman, but I am immensely interested in seeing it on DCU at some point. It was a fun series.

Same goes for Filmation’s The Adventures of Batman.