Brief thoughts on seasons 1 through 7 of ARROW

Just thought I should do this just because I can. Also, since the series is ending soon, so why not look back.

Season 1 - very strong, dark and grounded, but not so much that it cuts off any possibility to be accurate to the comics

Season 2 - just as strong, if not better thanks to the formal introduction of Deathstroke. Really makes the conflict personal

Season 3 - ultimately dissapointing, this is where I really lean into calling the show “Batman Lite”. Didn’t focus on the stuff that was interesting

Season 4 - this was…weird. I love the supernatural side of comics, but having an archer go up against a powerful sorcerer like Dahrk just felt TOO silly. Plus, did he literally just stop a worldwide nuclear holocaust without even leaving Star City? Dumb

Season 5 - a HUGE step up. The true villain and conflict was far more personal and psychological than I expected, which work to the show’s benefit

Season 6 - I wouldn’t exactly say this is the worst, but wow there was a lot i didn’t care about. I didn’t really start paying attention until they made Diaz the big bad. Being sent to prison was pretty surprising

Season 7 - already talked about this, but essentially I thought it started and ended strong, but the middle was unfocused and confused. My opinion on the flashforwards grew more positive, but I need to know if that’s the actual future of Star City in order for it to have an impact

Personally I hate how they just shoved in Felicity to be directly the main character in the later seasons.