Brian Michael bendis superman

Is anyone reading the current run of superman? Haven’t read much of bmb but his work on superman looks interesting. Would like to kno what you think. I’m more into the darker side of dc.


It is interesting, and he clearly has a handle on Superman and his character, but the one thing that ticks me off is the treatment and disposal of Jonathan and his childhood. Aging him up? Making him edgy? UGH…


The biggest issue I have with Bendis’ Superman is that the books don’t even seem to be in continuity with one another let alone the rest of the DCU.

In Action Comics we get the idea that Lois Lane is back pretty early on and he finds out that she’s living in Chicago about three issues in. In Superman however he’s clearly looking for her out in space in the first issue and there is no way it makes any sense for the rest of Action Comics to happen between issues because of the nature of what happens. Then Jon comes back at the end of the first arc despite the fact that Clark apparently hasn’t seen him when he meets up with Lois.

It’s a sloppy incoherrent mess of story that might be forgivable from two writers but I expected more from a singular vision.


I dig both titles just fine. I am heavily biased towards Superman and Bendis though.


The best thing to come out of Bendis’ Superman run is Mark Andreyko’s Supergirl. Kevin Maguire drew the first three issues and Doc Shaner did the most recent.


I still need to catch up on Bendis Superman stack. I know you think Marvel is :poop:, so i won’t recommend his Daredevil run. But his creator owned book Powers is one of the best books of the past 20 years. Its a wacky, noir police procedural set in a world of Superheroes with art loosely done in the style of Bruce Timm. Mature Readers title. He does deviate from crime procedural format and experiment quite a bit to tremendous effect.

Once I’m caught up on his Superman work I’ll talk about it more.

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Thanks for the input! I think I’ll check out the first of his superman volume I saw is out. And thanks for the recommendation. If I enjoy his work on superman I’ll be sure to check it out. I’ve never read any of his stuff but I respect the work he did at marvel! He seems like a chill dude. My daughter already is looking forward to his wonder comics.

Awful run.

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The difference between the two Bendis Superman books is like day and night.

Bendis on Action Comics is great. That book is pretty solid in my opinion and I enjoy it most of the time (Action 1004 aside). This one’s a keeper in my opinion.

Bendis on Superman is terrible. I can’t stand how decompressed the story there is and I absolutely hated his characterizations for some of the JL characters. It was like nails on a chalkboard reading his version of Flash. I dropped this one relatively quickly because I don’t have the money to waste on a book that I can’t stand to read.

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Of the two books I would rather read Superman. While I liked Action #1004 because he made it plain that he’s not breaking up their marriage I don’t think Bendis gets Lois’ character at all. Also the story about criminals setting fires to distract Superman feels messy and ill conceived. For all that it may be decompressed Superman at least feels fun and epic.

Ok I’ll start with superman then! May I ask why you guys didn’t like the books?

Superman is Ok at best. This whole first arc shouldve just been included with MoS. And Bendis shouldve started Superman with issue #6. Lois and Jon shouldve came back The same time for a one shot issue

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Like I said upthread what I don’t like is the fact that the books feel very disjointed from one another especially considering that its the same writer telling the same story from different perspectives. Taken as individual stories they’re more or less fine.

The current Superman books are horrible! I could tolerate pacing problems and disjointed story-telling if the author understood the characters. In what universe does Clark let his wife and son go off on an interstellar trek with a madman? That was the first blow. But now we have lost sweat, intelligent Jon to a “typical” angst-ridden teen, and the marriage of Lois and Clark has become a non-marriage? What?! Is this crap going to last and become canon?


I had a similar post baseballmaniac and a couple people agreed but most said let it play out. I said why.? If Bendis is shitting over all the good story telling by Tomasi that had one of THE best runs of Superman and not only that killed any chance of more Super Sons. Why in the hell would I want to watch more of his depressing run continue.

Bendis needs to go back to the dumpster fire that is the state of Marvel comics.


JohnOnyx, it comes down to the revocation of the tired belief that “anything is better than nothing”. Nope. Poorly written Superman books we can do WITHOUT! Bendis and Didio love to rain on people’s parades by crapping on iconic characters. But the people (the comic-buying public) have the “power of the purse”. If we do not hang around for self-serving repudiations and cut our losses now, we will force these myopic, self-righteous, intolerant “creators” to choose a different story-telling path. Although I suspect they will just double down until they kill the industry. So be it, I have 50+ years worth of good DC and Marvel comics to reread at my leisure. And while Bendis, Waid, Coates, and Deconnick continue to disappoint, Lee, Kirby, Thomas, Wein, Wolfman, Shooter, Miller, Bates, O’Neill, Jurgens, and Byrne always deliver.


I dumped all the Superman books when he came onboard. His work is too hit and miss for me, and there are too many new titles coming out that I’d rather take a chance on.


They are the reason more and more people are going to manga. If more manga publishers go the Shonen Jump route with only 1.99 a month for unlimited access to their entire catalog from past, present, and future it is going to utterly destroy American comics.

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what the hell is wrong with you people

All I’ll say is Superman is much better than Action. But thats not saying much. Tomasi and Jurgens were on a roll with no signs of slowing down. DiDio loves to fix things that arent broken. So when Bendis told him and Lee that he wanted the Superman books over Justice League (which he was originally offered), I don’t think Dan even considered standing ground and saying no. It’s a shame.

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