Breaking News on Swamp Thing

This just in…Swamp Thing is cancelled. I knew everybody would want to discuss this immediately so I took absolutely no time to check the forums to see if this was already being discussed because I instinctively understand the world revolves around me and that nobody could have possibly known this earlier.

Here’s my hot take. I think Swamp Thing is good and cancelling it is bad. Things I like are good. Things I don’t like are very bad. Bad things are bad and I’m against bad things happening. I know this is a radical idea, but I felt I needed to take a stand.

Curse this horrible service that only provides over 20,000 amazing comics and some of the best superhero entertainment of all time for less than ten dollars a month! Curse them for bringing a cult classic character to life in one of the most expensive television series of all time! Curse them for not personally consulting with me before investing their tens of millions of dollars into a second season of a show!

Who do these people think they are?


I for one am shocked and outraged by this breaking news that I just heard.




Save swamp thing I think it is a awful decision getting rid of the show because it is really good

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Great Glavin, the needle’s about to break off of the Sarcasm Detector!


grabs hamburger earmuffs on the way out


This was good :joy:

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Good post :sunglasses:


Yes great post!:joy:
For real though the comics alone is totally worth the money. Also they did a great job at reorganizing them I just a made a list in my personal library of ones that I’ve read and just want on hand and many others that I’ve yet to read. I counted them from the # on the thumb nail, its like 1, 392!!! thats a fantastic deal for 8 bucks a month.


Oh really we had no idea lmao JK but fr tho everyone knows by now lol

I paid for this bs so i can watch swamp thing doom patrol and titans. Now they are cancelling 1/3 of my favs. This bites


Great Caesar’s Ghost! The devil you say? I shall create a thread immediately!

Seriously, do we want to have a mature discussion about what might have happened? Because I would welcome that. Personally, I wonder if the bosses were having a hard time selling the show overseas as a Southern Gothic horror show, which might be why they were supposedly pushing for a more Swampy-as-superhero angle going forward.


My mind is blown by this…You are a trailblazer sir.

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I don’t understand the logic with the cancellation of ST, Did they not review the episodes that were filmed? I’ve watched the first two episodes and really enjoyed them. Please keep the bean counters away from the creative process…


Personally, I like to imagine that shows get canceled for good reasons. For example, most of the horror aspects of Swamp Thing can be summed up in a couple years of comics. The rest of the series would be difficult to translate to the screen, without it becoming ridiculous.

And a couple years of comics can probably be summed up into a single season.

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What incredible shocking news! I can’t believe nobody’s talking about this.